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Sep 26, 2006 04:32 PM


I am really interested in putting articles in my school newspaper about food. I have NO idea what to write, so if any of you have suggestions, that would be great!

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  1. Go to a library and read a variety of food magazines and the food sections of three or four newspapers.

    1. Write about what you love about food.

      What restaurants do you like and think others should try. Talk about food experiences in your family, sharing a meal at a special occasion at your grandparents house, visiting the house of a freind whose ethnicity is different than your own and eating food there.

      Write about interesting or screwy recipes you might have come up with. Here's an example of that
      Pimp that snack

      Try a cuisine you've never tried before and write about that experience. It doesn't have to be an expensive place. Maybe you've never tried Vietnamese or Cuban or Polish or whatever food. Go buy a bowl of pho and write about what the experience is like ... going to the restaurant ... the sights, smells sounds and tastes.

      Or share fun food products you think others should try. I always like participatory stuff. Maybe at the end of a column ask your readers to email you with suggestions for, using the screwy product example, the wakiest thing they have eaten and write that up next week.

      Around the holidays ask others to share holiday experiences and print those.

      Besides, if you get participation and feedback, at least those people will read your column ... and have thier friends read.

      In the San Francisco area, this teacher has her students write reviews of restaurants and food experiences. She says

      "I want your words to haunt people, to provoke contemplation at odd moments in the day, so that when your reader smells a juicy burger, she suddenly recalls your poem about barbecuing with your granddad, so that when she bites into a taco on East 14th Street, she can’t help but remember your description of home-made tortillas"

      Here's a link to some of those reviews by students to give you ideas.

      Write about what you find interesting, fun and are passionate about. That will interest others ... and if you love to write ... if you love food ... be deeply satisfying to you.

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        I don't think I am going to get a suggestion better than that. Thanks a bunch. I really appreciate it!

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          Thats a good idea.

          You can also do a taste test of various preparations of one type of food. Go to three pizzerias, burger joints, taco stands, etc. and review each place and pick a winner. Or get a couple of friends together and do a blind testing of all three at once and have everyone pick which one is best and why they liked it.

      2. Don't forget about food production: growing, making, harvesting, fishing, collecting, processing. Lots of teens/young people today are very disconnected from the source of their foods. Think about the agricultural products in your area; why not trace one of these products from the farm/field/sea to the table?

        1. Do you have a school cafeteria? How about a review of school chow?

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            How about interviews with the people behind the chow: the cooks, or the administrators who make the food decisions in the mess hall, i.e a piece called "How Can You Do This to Us?"

          2. Thanks to everyone who posted a reply! All of these were helpful!