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Sep 26, 2006 04:24 PM

Chemistry in the Kitchen?

How do folks feel in general about the trend of turning the kitchen into a chemistry lab and morphing food, cooking sou vide, and all that? Strikes me as gimmicky.

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  1. Cooking IS chemistry just depends on how far you want to take it. I agree some of it is gimmicky but so are most food trends. Not so long ago height was everything but we see less and less of it but it is now part of everyday cuisine.

    1. True enough about cooking being chemistry; I'm talking about the extremes here.

      1. Part of cooking is physics but most is chemistry whether you cook sous vide or just boil your eggs the old-fashioned way.

        1. Certainly there's chemistry and physics involved in cooking and you need to understand it to get to the art. Traditionally it's always been this way, understand the technique and process but let your art guide the final product.

          Sou vide and cryovac is really a post-modern process, but also has an "art" to it...BUT it's being figured out in process. If poorly executed, who cares. If good, sure I'll eat it.

          In many ways, Sou vide is like fusion cuisine in the 80s, it will take a few go rounds to figure out the kinks, what is gimmicky and what is of real value. My guess is that some techniques will stick around but some will not. I don't think it will replace conventional cooking since you'll be taking on history and culture...but it could enhance it.