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Sep 26, 2006 04:01 PM

Brant House, the Drake - How's the food?

Thinking of either of these places for an upcoming party. How did you find the food, value, and service?

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  1. Go to the Drake for fun.
    Check out their events, which are many.
    Eat before you get there, and just have drinks or a snack.

    1. Food at the Drake is much improved in recent months due to a new chef.. Brant House is more of a mad house in the evenings and the food is not as good as the Drake..For food, value and service the Drake wins hands down.

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        Also, Drake is open every day while Brant House is not.

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          Service at the Drake is excellent. A steward spilled a bottle of water and broke a glass on our table...three stewards came immediately out, replaced the entire table by removing the plates, glasses, and table cloth, even the appetizers were fully replaced. Food (main dishes) was only okay though, so basically go for drinks and good service.

        2. We were at the drake last night. The server was amazing. very attentive but not too much so. We had other dinner plans but had several martinis and the oysters & caviar. Delicious. One of the guys who worked there said they brought in a chef from NYC and the menu was new. We took a quick look at it - looks pretty good. we'll probably check it out. But I don't think you can beat the Drake in terms of atmosphere and drinks.

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            The chef is a Canadian who worked in NYC and took the post at the Drake with his wife.

            Had late lunch on the patio at the Drake last week. Fairly disappointing. Should have stuck to just drinks...

          2. been to both.....they are pretty similar....the food at brant is $$$$ and did not impress.....the food at drake was ok ...... both are smaller portioned, fancier takes on regular dishes.....i like the atmosphere at drake, but have had some good times at brant house, which is better for a bigger party because it is one main room. The scene at drake is different, more chilled, less dancing

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              The Drake does have a seperate club downstairs, while it has no food you can certainly dance yourself crazy...

            2. I agree with the comments above generally. Neither The Drake or Brant House are the place to go for food. I like The Drake better, in general, for atmosphere, fun and drinks.
              I was there in the summer (not sure if it was after the new chef arrived) and I was not overly impressed with the food. If you are going to eat, stick to the sushi and oysters, etc. Stay away from the fish tacos - not a good representation.