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Sep 26, 2006 03:57 PM

BYO restaurants in Austin

I'm interested in compiling a list of BYO restaurants in Austin. For the most part, I tend to focus on BBQ, Tex-Mex, Chinese, and Texas-style (CFS, etc.) restaurants in Austin. And more than anything, I cook at home. But when I do visit upscale restaurants, I like to BYO, if possible.

The following all allow BYO for a corkage fee and have a good attitude about it. Not all have decent stemware, though. And the cooking at all of them is variable.

Castle Hill
Chez Nous
Driskill Grill (this was a couple yrs ago and I got the impression it might've been an exception)

Noteable exceptions:

Four Seasons


Aquarelle once told me I could if it was a special occasion
The Hoffbrau allows BYO for $5 or something, which can be fun

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  1. Lower-end BYO:

    Sam's BBQ
    Tony's Southern Comfort

    1. Another on the lower-end BYO:
      Galaxy Cafe on West Lynn, at least until they get their wine/beer permit.

      1. Saltliq, about 30 minutes outside of Austin, is a BYO. It has to be as its in a dry county......

        1. I believe Texas law states that if a restaurant does not serve spirits, the establishment can allow their customers to bring their own wine. That would be the reason why Jeffrey's and the Four Seasons don't allow it...

          1. Ararat (Middle Eastern food + belly dancers) on North Loop let's you BYO.