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Sep 26, 2006 03:30 PM

Danny Brown "DB" Wine Bar in Forest Hills

Any new information on this new place on Metropolitan? Saw one thread a while back but have heard nothing since. Was thinking of going tonight and wanted to see if anyone has any insight, good or bad.

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  1. Ok. I'll answer my own question. Went last night. It looks quite promising. Not all the dishes were executed perfectly. Some of my mushroom risotto was just on the undercooked side of al dente and had a bit too much liquid. The flavors were quite good though. My appetizer of serrano ham croquettes was pretty good, this was a little too gooey inside and slightly less than hot, maybe it was sitting for a few minutes. I tasted the grilled calamari appetizer, which was just right. Well seasoned and properly cooked. The polenta starter wasn't bad either, though I only had a tiny bite. And the fish that I had a bite of, forgot what it was, maybe sea bass, was perfectly cooked.

    The service was pretty good. The wine list was ok, not really spectacular. And they should have proper stem ware given that they call themselves a wine bar. We had a 2003 Chateau de Pez, fairly priced at $52. It was decanted for us, which probably wasn't necessary, but was a nice touch.

    If this were Manhattan, the decor would be nice but generic, in Forest Hills it definitely stands out as the best looking restaurant.

    All in all, a promising addition to the decidedly unambitious dining scene of Forest Hills. I will definitely return.

    1. Anyone have the address of this place? I would like to check it out tonight. I googled it, and a mention on came up, with the address as 107-23 Metropolitan. But then I found the Web site for Dee's pizza, which said that their address is 107-23 (and Dee's site is current, because it had a vacation schedule for September 2006). So I'm a little confused . . . is DB Wine bar part of Dee's? Thanks! --Sarah

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        db wine bar is in dee's former space at 107-23 metropolitan ave. last year, dee's moved to a larger location on metropolitan ave, a block or 2 away from it's former space.

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          Danny Brown Wine Bar & Kitchen
          104-02 Metropolitan Avenue, Forest Hills, NY 11375
          (718) 261-2144

        2. Got it--guess Dee's needs to update the address on their Web site! Thanks--Sarah

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            actually I think the 107-23 is the new Dee's. I had this problem when I tried to go here once before. There was a brief mention of the wine bar on which gave that address which took me to the new Dee's. I believe DB is at the corner of metropolitan and 71st road, almost across from Carvel.

          2. We went last night and left pretty confident that, at last, Forest Hills has a restaurant worth going to. We only tried a few things and there were a couple of execution problems, but overall, we had a good experience. The look of the place is clean and modern, a plus. No holiday light "icicles" hanging down from the awning . . .

            We ordered the small meat and cheese tray, the grilled calamari, and the Serrano ham croquettes.

            I liked the croquettes--they were cold, as a poster noted, but I think they were supposed to be. I say this because they weren't lukewarm, as if they were sitting out too long--they had a definite chill to them. And they weren't bad cold.

            The calamari could have been great. The elements--calamari, white beans, rosemary, olive oil, parsley--work really well together. Last night, though, the calamari was a little overcooked,the beans slightly undercooked, and the rosemary a bit overpowering.

            I liked the meat and cheese plate. I know, hard to mess up. But it was clear they actually put some thought into it. We had three cured meats--a type of salami, prosciutto, and something else I don't remember the name of--pate, and three cheeses, including a French blue cheese (again, don't remember the name), Humboldt Fog, and something with the word "brie" in it, but it wasn't the flavorless sort of brie. This was ripe and earthy. They served the tray with cornichons, whole-grain mustard, fig compote, and a syrupy aged balsamic.

            We tried a number of wines by the glass and were happy with all of them.

            Overall, a cut above most of the places in the neighborhood. We'll definitely be back to try their more substantial dishes.


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              Thanks for another review on this place. I agree that its definitely got promise and worth trying again.

              On the croquettes, they were definitely not cold when I got them, just not so hot. So its intersting that yours were closer to cold. I wonder how they're intended to be server?

              Looking forward to going back and trying the meat and cheese plate. And excited about having someplace in Forest Hills that I might actually want to go out to. I would have prefered it be closer to QB and Austin street, I still think that area could support at least another few restaurants.

              On that subject, driving past the train station I noticed that the restaurant/bar whatever it is over there is shaping up into something. Anybody know what this is or will be?

            2. I saw that place too - in the old Melting Pot location. Can't tell what it is yet. Anyone in the know know?

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