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Sep 26, 2006 02:08 PM

Weird Fish?

Has Weird Fish opened yet? I heard they were open but have read no reports.

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  1. It opened yesterday. We went last night and everything we had was quite yummy - catfish po'boy, shrimp & crab sandwich, clam chowder, fries and mashed yams. The fries are a mix of potato and yam and they are really tasty.

    1. Where is this place?

      1. For those of you wondering where it is....

        Weird Fish
        2193 Mission St
        San Francisco, CA 94110

        1. The cross street is 18th. I liked the clam chowder but it isn't very New England-y. Too herby. Reminded me of the chowder at the Marshall Store but with a lot more clams (that's a good thing).

          1. We went last night and were pleasantly surprised. It's a tiny place, very casual and hip, but not edgy. Everyone in there seemed to be in their late 20's. The menu catered towards the 'lacto-ovo-pesca-vegetarian' side of things (dairy, egg, fish but no fowl or red meat).

            I had the fish and chips, they were a beer battered talapia filet served with fries. It was nice, not overly greasy or crispy. They were served in a basket with one layer of newspaper topped by a sheet of butcher paper. The fries were a thick-cut mixture of potatoes and yams as stated above, but with nice larger bits of salt.

            The iced tea was wonderfully dark and flavorful. I also tasted both the fish and veggi versions of the fish tacos. Fantastic.

            My only complaint was the size of the joint, which is typical SF cozy small tables squished together.

            They're off to a great start, and considering that I spent 10 years as a fish/dairy/egg eating 'vegetarian,' same with at least a dozen other friends, this place has many levels of appeal. Even my friend Elise, who is allergic to Gluten, found a a full meal without trouble (rice flower used).

            Dinner for 3 (no alcohol) came out to just under $40.

            Caution: there is no waiting room and you might have to hang out in front on a more colorful block of Mission. For a tues. night they were full.