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Sep 26, 2006 01:51 PM

Near Eagan MN

Looking for supper ideas for this Friday night for my 80-year-old Dad and me, esp a low-key local spot with decent food. Many thanks!

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  1. MSPD was kind enough to post this a while ago maybe its useful to you.

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    1. re: uptowner

      I'm not sure any of those places are open beyond lunch. Maybe if they're around the next day though.

    2. Friday night and low-key is a bit tough in Eagan, the land of chains and suburban crowded non-chains. Going a little higher end or ethnic will help -- Osteria I Nonni at Highway 13 and 35E in Lilydale is wonderful Italian. You can avoid a huge price tag by ordering appetizers and primi, still leaving quite full. Of course, it's well-worth the full splurge. One of the top fine Italian restaurants in the Twin Cities and only minutes from the east side of Eagan.

      Marceal's Wine Bar in Chateau Lamothe in Burnsville is also low-key. The food is maybe "three-out-of-five" star territory and all small plate portions for the most part (I think you can request a double portion), but you can assemble a nice meal with good variety if you don't mind some misses with the hits. Just off 35W and County Road 42 (5 minutes from west Eagan).

      A bit further out (in Prior Lake -- 20 minutes with multiple stoplights from west end of Eagan) is Perron's Sul Lago. Also low key, very good food but may be stretching your geographic tolerance.

      Finally, if you don't mind ethnic, Sambol (Sri Lankan/Indian) is excellent, in east Eagan, and I can't imagine ever crowded.

      1. I heard Jenson's Supper Club in Eagan is pretty good.

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          Good, but caution -- ridiculously crowded on a weekend. Last time I was in there on a weekend, people without reservations were being quoted 2+ hours wait (they do take reservations).

        2. I feared the chains etc ... good choices, all, with just the right amount of yay/nay info. Sambol sounds great, I know my way around Indian food so can help my Dad. But if I give him the vote, I'm betting he'll go Juniors Grill. Thanks, all ... my first time "asking" for help on Chowhound!

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            LadyKaldi -- if it IS Junior's Grill, give them a call to be sure they're open for dinner. I know breakfast and lunch there but I'm never in the neighborhood in the evening. Some of those places close as they cater to the working crowd.