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Sep 26, 2006 01:46 PM

supersized knish nosh

Has anyone tried any of the new stuff at the expanded Knish Nosh? I passed by there last night (after eating at Mickey's) and noticed, among other things on the menu, "smoked brisket." Are we talking barbecue? (I'm still mourning their old neon sign.)

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  1. (Technically, aren't pastrami and Montreal smoked meat both smoked brisket too?)

    1. Usually. Pastrami can be made from Plate, too....

      1. What a corner it's shaping up to be...the expanded KNISH NOSH and ANDRE's Hungarian Bakery side-by-side!!! K.N. is apparently picking up an array of classic prepared items from the predecessor Lazar's.

        Last Friday's pre-Rosh Hashanah rush lines were out the door, but I managed to score a $6 combo potato knish (which I always ask for "off the rack" - they're the freshest, even if you're sacrificing a little heat), salty knish-dog which was excellent and a Dr. Brown Cel-Ray (so what else is new?).

        Over to Andre's, which was fresh out of apple strudel and those indescribable prune danishes, got raisin rugelach which are definitely holding onto quality.

        About that neon - I lamented this many moons ago on this Board, but if all has remained the same, one of the signs is still in the store's basement and yeah, should positively be replaced in its proper spot. Failing that, as I once suggested to ownership, donate the green glass beacon to the Queens Museum. Coincidentally, there's a Knish Nosh refreshment stand open on weekends in the museum cafeteria.

        1. Sorry I don't know this place but is it different from Knish Knosh, which I remember from 4th Ave and 13th St in Manhattan but I think was (is?) in Queens

          1. Same Knish Nosh...although they abandoned the Manhattan store awhile back and are under new ownership since about two years ago.

            Regrettably, no more liver knishes. These concentrated little bombs were a crown jewel in the KN empire.