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St. George's Greek Festival this week

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I saw an ad and then called; it's running from 11am-10pm-ish on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The woman who answered the phone didn't speak great English so I might've lost some salient details.

256 South 8th Street (around Pennsylvania Hospital)

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I went last time, I think they have more than one a year because it didn't feel like a year ago. I'm not a Greek food specialist but found the people to be very helpful so if you are overwhelmed or just want to know a bit more simply ask.

    1. Yay!! Thanks for letting us know. I love Greek food and will be in that area (sort of, well close enough to walk there) on Saturday morning. I can easily swing down to St. George's and get amazing Greek lunch. Now I am really looking forward to Saturday!

      1. Wow! They just had a festival in June. It was so much fun! I'll have to check it out. Thanks for letting us know. We moved away from that neighborhood this summer, so I haven't seen any signs.

        1. This festival sounds like fun...I think I will have to stop by! Do they just have a lot of typical Greek food or is there anything in particular to be looking out for?

            1. I went last night for dinner with my boyfriend - scrumptious. I can't seem to find good Greek food in the city (my favorite spot is in OC, NJ), so it was nice to be able to walk a couple of blocks for the real, authentic stuff. On the menus, they mention that they will be holding lunches every Friday, so that is also exciting.

              I had the moussaka with a side of Greek mixed veggies. Both were fantastic and perfectly spiced. Boyfriend had souvlaki sandwich and spanakopita - both were good (though the spinach pie wasn't the best we'd had). I *had* to grab a piece of baklava on my way out and was not disappointed! It was probably the best I've had in a while - dripping with syrup (or maybe honey?) Either way, yummm....

              Wonder if I could get these ladies to cater my wedding, some day, hmm.

              1. Made it to the festival yesterday and went with the basics. Gyro which was very good as it was the last time I had it in June. Spanikopita was good and the grape leaves I could have done without. I proceeded to try all 3 desserts since they were only $1.50 each and enjoyed all 3 with my favorite being the Baklava. All were dripping in some kind of syrupy love, I think honey.The cheese thing was good also, can't think of the name right now. I am excited to start hitting thier Friday lunch up, might end up doing that like a paycheck...every other week.

                1. Well, we made it for lunch to the festival today. Yum! I had Mousaka and my friend had the salmon, both delicious. The grape leaves were a little oily, but tasty. I brought home a box of goodies, because I was stuffed! SAving my baklava for later.

                  1. We made it there. Great soulvaki and baklava. The mousakka (sp?) was very good but the chicken a bit overdone.