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Sep 26, 2006 01:02 PM

Midtown Bars (near 53rd and 6th)

The wife and I are flying in this Friday evening. We won't arrive until after dinner, but are looking for a good, laid back bar near the above-listed intersection to have a drink after we check-in. I like beer, she likes wine. Anything spring to mind that might fit the bill?


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  1. probably pj clarke''s more east though.

    if yr going to check out the area looking for a bar, go west to hell's kitchen...there's some decent places over there.

    1. The Bar at MOMA, not cheap, but good wine and good beer. On 53rd between 5th and 6th.

      1. If you're just going for drinks the Connolly's behind the Museum of Modern Art on 54th St. east of 6th Ave. is very close and nice and cozy. Go to the bar in the back. Don't know about the wine, but they have nice Irish bartenders and the usual Guinness, Harp, and Smithwick's on tap as well as some other stuff.

        If you walk a block over to the west into the theater district there are a bunch of bars over there, but they tend to be loud and very crowded on the weekends. There are also, of course, numerous upscale hotel bars in the area too.

        1. there's also "harmony view"---yes i know it sounds like a chinese food take out place---it's actually an "irish" bar on 50th st, right off bway. nice spot, friendly barmen.

          1. There is a restaurant/bar in the back of Flatotel, called Moda.


            Between 53rd/52nd, at 6th.

            The Hilton has a bar, as does the Sheraton. Many bars in this area. Both have small bar menus should you be hungry. Of course, hotel bars are expensive.