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Sep 26, 2006 12:59 PM

Breakfast in the Burbs?

I moved here from California 5 years ago and have yet to find a great breakfast place in Montgomery County. I am not looking for a diner. Any suggestions?

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  1. Montgomery County is a big place but here are a couple possibilities. Bruno's on Germantown Pike right across from Chestnut Hill College and The Fairlane on Bethlehem Pike in Erdenheim.

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      I have yet to have a good food experience at Bruno's - more low quality diner if you ask me. I'd recommend the West Avenue Grill in Jenkintown (for breakfast/brunch only - dinner is overpriced). Or if you're willing to go to Chestnut Hill - which isn't far from Montgomery County depending on where you are - Solaris or the Cafette are both good choices. The best breakfasts/brunches are in Philadelphia though and worth the drive - Morninglory on 10th and fitzwater is excellent.

    2. I'm not sure if you're looking for an every day breakfast place or for Sunday brunch. I agree with the other poster that Cafette in Chestnut Hill offers a yummy brunch... though the wait on a Sunday morning can sometimes be ridiculous, my husband and I have left of a few occasions because of waits upwards of a half hour/hour. I cannot say I could recommend Solaris in Chestnut Hill, the location is good but I've never had a good meal there.

      Agave Grill in Ambler offers a Sunday Brunch buffet. I've never been but heard rave reviews about it. KCs Alley also offers a brunch menu on Sundays. It is pretty good (good breakfast wraps)and a nice laid back pub atmosphere. Otto's in Horsham has great Sunday brunch, though the service can be a bit slow.

      For everyday breakfast, there are some great places but you might not be able to avoid diner type atmosphere. Ambler Grill has a great (and reasonably priced) breafast, but it is definitely lacking in atmosphere. Hayeck's Cafe aso serves a good breakfast,but again the atmosphere is pretty bad.

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        Hayeck's Cafe is out of business. It's going to be replaced and we have high hopes that the new cafe will have greatly improved ambience.

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          Pistachio Grille replaced Hayecks and has definitely improved the ambiance. We went for dinner a bit ago - the food was great. The service was a bit spotty, but I'll chalk that up to growing pains. You should go if you have not been - I definitely recommend it!

        2. re: AmblerGirl

          The Ambler Grill has changed hands. The new owner seems to have put some well needed money into the building. The menu has stayed the same with the exception of some new specials. They recently had an excellent cheese steak omelette and believe it or not lasagna which was also fantastic, Pricing is still better than reasonable and worth a look.

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            I have been to the Ambler Grill a few times under the new owners and I feel they have remained consistent in terms of good quality food at reasonable prices. I agree they have definitely made some needed cosmetic improvements (though it still needs some help). But, again, this is not the type of place to go to if you are looking for ambiance. I agree the specials are really good - I had a breakfast burrito which was great. It definitely looks like a hole in the wall if you drive by but the food is great .

        3. Definitely try Classic Diner-'s not an actual diner, just a restaurant that uses diner in the name. they are open daily until 3pm, with a breakfast/lunch menu depending on your mood & time. It's on 30 in Malvern/Frazer area. So yummy and tons of varieties/choices!

          And I do condider Bruno's like a diner.

          1. Try Christine's Family Restaurant on Egypt Rd in Jeffersonville/Norristown area. The Classic Diner, mentioned by pamd, is in Chester County not Montgomery County.

            1. There is a great new Sunday brunch at Morninglory in Conshohocken (on Butler just before it turns into Fayette St). Good food and not too expensive - $10.95 I think for adults. Their baked goods are incredible and the made-to-order omeletts were great. They close at 1pm though...

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                Went back to Morninglory this morning and found they had changed from Sunday brunch buffet to Sunday breakfast buffet. Which basically just means that their buffet shrunk drastically. You can still order off a menu though, but we were quite dissapointed with the disapearance of a great brunch buffet...