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Sep 26, 2006 12:19 PM

local favorites in south beach

Are there any off the beaten path restaurants in South Beach? Is that an oxymoron? I come to the area often and am not looking for the usual suspects (Bond St, Social, Wish, Nemo, etc.).
Am only in for a day, but would LOVE some recommendations for this and future trips.
Low key, small, unassuming, but has to be in South Beach. Or super convenient via car for take out. Interested in everything but Cuban, though oysters, sushi, seafood and veggie are all pluses.
Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Altamar. It's on the west end of Lincoln Road, west of Alton. Great for seafood. Tiny (most tables outside).

    1. Off the beaten path South Beach?

      A little more upscale than you may be looking for, but I think it still fits the bill, is Talula. It's around 23rd on Collins. Husband and wife chef team, both come from high-brow restaurants, but the place is much more laid back than the usual South Beach scene and the food is excellent. One of my favorite local restaurants.

      Mr. Chu (around 8th and Washington) does good Chinese including great dim sum.

      I think Tap Tap (on 5th Street a little west of Washington) is a great experience - Haitian/Creole and the place is very funky. Haven't been in a long time though.

      I've heard AltaMar (on Lincoln Road west of Alton) is great for seafood but haven't been. I used to like Grillfish (on Collins across from Jerry's Deli) for simple seafood but haven't been for a while.

      Rosinella on Lincoln Road is nice for casual Italian.

      Icebox Cafe (off Lincoln Road on Michigan) can be hit-or-miss for dinner, but brunch is always great.

      Shoji (next to Nemo) used to be great for sushi but has really gone downhill, unfortunately I would no longer recommend.

      1. Le Bon - very fresh seafood and more with a Belgian flare. Good service too.

        Madiba - South African cuisine very friendly place.

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