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Sep 26, 2006 11:05 AM

butter beans, fresh frozen to cook at home

the last place I bought them was a farm stand in Georgia
are they available in NYC?

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  1. You can sometimes get them at the Union Square farmer's market, but obviously, they are fresh, not frozen, there.

    1. I'd be deeelighted to find them fresh.
      Do you recall which farmer . . . or day or part of the market?
      I've been keeping an eye out and have not seen them.

      1. I used to see them in the Flatbush Ave Key and the Vanderbilt Met Foods - Id look around such places which may still carry them, tho the Key has gotten pretty gentrified.

        1. Good idea thanks, jen kalb
          I hadn't tweaked to the idea that these would be in ungentrified groceries. duh! I know that's where to get smoked ham hocks and boxes of Carolina sausages . . .

          fresh fava beans are easy enough to find, but it's not the same and I don't always have hours to spend peeling them...

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          1. re: pitu

            I was in the Vanderbilt Met last week and they had two kinds of frozen butter beans for sale, both White Rose brand. toward the front of the store on the n. wall. The Fifth Ave Key has field peas and snaps but not butter beans. I really like frozen black eyed peas, too.

          2. Sorry took so long to respond, Pitu. I saw them at the Union Square Farmer's market. Though at this point I think the season's passed. August and September are the months to hunt for them. Sorry!!!