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Sep 26, 2006 08:00 AM

Angel Mangal

I have just failed to find any previous reports on this though I recall reading them.

Is this the Angel Mangal on Upper Street by Cross Street?

What are the recommendations?



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  1. I am a fan of AM although, to my shame, I have not been for a few months

    The "special" mixed grill with quail is excellent value at £12 and, with a side order of sweetbreads one of my favourite meals

    Very good pide too

    Best combined with a few pints at The Wenlock Arms


    1. I used to like the Mangal until I discovered the Nomura 19 in Stoke Newington which I believe to be superior.

      However, I have to say that the family that run the Angel Mangal, look after their customers very well and are very serious about what they do.

      The last time I was there, the Grill Meister (I am sure there is a Turkish word for them), allowed me to take over for a while, which I enjoyed very much, more for its comedic value than anything else!

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      1. re: loobcom

        Thanks for that, an alternative to Upper Street suits me well. BTW, a brief web search suggests that 19 Numara Bos Cirrik is the full name and will save anyone else from getting lost in a Japanese bank.

      2. tlc tim -

        i find angel mangal to be extraordinarily ordinary. indeed, turkish cuisine is pretty lousy in london.

        alternative suggestion for kebabs: the iranian mohsen, warwick road for lovely saffron spiced chicken kebabs and wonderful minced lamb kebabs or any of the better lebanese restaurants.
        finally, new tayyabs has excellent seekh kebabs and tandoori roti. but DON'T ORDER ANYTHING ELSE! zis iss an order.

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        1. Howler

          Did you ever come across Digby Anderson and his 'imperative cooking' articles in The Spectator? I think you would have liked him. I certainly did.

          In a quick search I found this:
          (Good, but there even are better, I seem to recall that his recipe for bacon and egg involved buying pigs and chickens.


          Excepting you views on St John where I have had some of my best meals over the last 10 years, I broadly agree with what you write.

          Where indeed is the exciting food and I don't mean Ramsay and the rest.

          Thanks for the suggestions, they will be followed up.

          The interest in Turkish is a request from a friend travelling in from Singapore and while there are restaurants that I use there isn't one that excites me.


          1. thank you for the suggestions - i am a newcomer to britain, having resignedly settled here in 2000. if it isn't for the fact that i'm having a wonderful time and that my family loves it here, i'd be back in nyc in a ny minute.

            st. john - given what they're cooking, the execution has to be perfect. and i LIKE my veggies. a lot. so there you go.

            at a pinch, bosphorus kebab on old brompton road provides comforting kebabs. try them sometime, will you?