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Sep 26, 2006 07:21 AM

Menu Ideas for Cape Cod Harvest party?

I have invited some long-time friends to Harwich (Cape Cod)for a Harvest Dinner in Mid-Oct.

I think I chose the same weekend as the Wellfleet Oyster fest, so in some regards, I got the timing right.

I am looking or some fresh ideas for menu for coastal-themed harvest party (apps, main and desert)

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  1. My most asked for recipe is Winter Salad which is basically romaine, diced apples and pears, cashews, dried cranberries, shredded swiss cheese with a poppy seed dressing. (Surely you need a salad to go with the apps, main and dessert.)
    Are you looking for recipes you can prepare ahead? If not, for a main dish simple seared scallops with a balsamic sauce (Cooking Light recipe). Quick to cook.

    1. Appetizer: maybe a baked brie en croute with dried cranberries and walnuts? Served with apple slices and crusty bread

      Traditional Oyster stew would be a great first course. Pretty easy to throw together if you buy shucked oysters with their liquor.

      Main: cornish game hens with an interesting autumny stuffing. Roasted veggies. Perhaps another small seafood dish.

      Dessert: pears poached in wine and cinnamon (mmmmm). Or for a more traditional approach, apple pie served with a nice artisan sharp cheddar.

      1. Thanks for he ideas. I didn't stick as closely as I intended to the Cape Cod Harvest theme. I took the "Fruits of the Sea" to its logical extreme.

        I went with a cous-cous (sp?)/parsley/feta salad/tangerine; Slow-Broiled Root vegetables; swordfish steaks with anchovy butter; large mexican shrimp on skewers; So. American Lobster tails in a simple butter/Olive Oil - finished on the grill and some tasty Lodi Syrah (Peters Family Vineyard)