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Sep 26, 2006 06:07 AM

Where to find fried vermicelli?

I was in Toronto few months ago, and had dinner at Congee Wong restaurant. One of the item they have in their menu is "Fried Vermicelli Home Style". It's quite different than the fried vermicelli that I've had in SF Bay Area. In SF Bay Area, either they add Singaporean curry or quite lot of soy sauce. The one from Congee Wong, they didn't add soy sauce; the rice noodle color is still white / clear vs. dark color in SF Bay Area, and it's delicious.
You can find this dish at other Chinese restaurant in Toronto, it looks pretty common there; however I haven't been able to find one here in SF.

Here is the URL to their menu:

And the item is # E43:
Fried Vermicelli Home Style

Anyone knows where to find one here or the equivalent of that menu?

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    1. Not in SF but they have that dish "Gah Herng Chow Mai" at Porridge King in Daly City in the Ranch 99 plaza. It's pretty good.

      1. Look for restaurant that offer Taiwanese style vermicelli or rice noodle. Come to think of it, 99 ranch food court will have these mi-fun. The noodles are usually dryer and less greasy.

        1. Thanks Melanie for the report on S&T HongKong Seafood Restaurant; I'm going to give it a try the next time I'm in the city.

          Re: 99 ranch market, their rice noodle is not quite the same, it has less ingredients vs what I'd expect.