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Sep 26, 2006 05:19 AM

Wine Tasting in Paso Robles [Moved from Wine board]

I'm a serious Rhone fan who'll be tooling through Paso Robles next week end. Any tips for wine tasting rooms? I know Parker is presently infatuated with L'Adventure, Cale Lindo and Saxon. Does anyone know if these guys have tasting rooms?

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  1. Not sure about the ones you listed. But check out this site. I have been to most of these, but I confess it was a couple of years ago and I can't say for sure which are Rhone style/varietals.


    1. I would suggest you visit Tablas Creek as they really have the most Rhone experience.
      Matt Garretson also does a great job.
      If you like Parker's choices of overly extracted wines,
      there are many to choose from and most high alcohol.
      See Paso Robles Vintners web site

      1. Saxum sells out everything every year and has a waiting list of a few years to get on their mailing list. I doubt they have a tasting room.
        Garretson isn't going to be on that map, but the nice thing about them is there's another tasting place right next door with wines from about a half dozen wineries.
        L'Venture's tasting room is open only Thursday through Sunday. Linne Calado is open only Friday through Sunday.
        Hug Cellars is another good one, but the only Rhone they make is syrah. They're open Thursday through Monday.
        Tablas Creek is great. Adelaida is pretty close to Tablas Creek, if you drive all the way out there.
        Peachy Canyon also has a good reputation. They're open daily.

        1. For something quite different, visit Dave 'Maximum Extraction' Caparone north of PR and off of San Marcos Road. One of the California pioneers of growing Italian varietals. Too bad it's past the crush, he would ask you to help!

          1. Agree that Tablas Creek and Garretson are both well worth the stop. Also recommend Linne Calodo (try anything he still has available for tasting), Denner Vineyards (their Syrah and Ditchdigger GSM are both wonderful - they also do a fabulous Rousanne/Viognier blend). These two and Tablas Creek are all on (or just off) Vineyard Drive from HWY 46 West. Garretson has a tasting room in a large warehouse style building on HWY 46 East.