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Johnny D's- Is there an entree that is NOT mediocre there?

My quest for help comes with a caveat. If you actually LIKE the food at Johnny D's, please do not post here. If, however, you are like me, and think their entrees are bad to mediocre at best, I would greatly appreciate hearing if there is an entree that you have found to be actually good, so I can order it when I have to have dinner there ( to get a good reserved seat for one of their excellent music acts.) i'm going to be going there this wednesday. thanks for your help.

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  1. Sorry, but some places simply pretend to serve good food. I believe this is one of them. Get some pizza or excellent Indian food from the neighborhood instead on the way to the show. They do have good music acts.

    1. I haven't eaten there in ages except for brunch, but are the sandwiches or burgers not okay? The pressed BLT or portobello sound quite good.

      1. Looks like they've changed the menu yet again since I was last there (like Joanie, ages ago except for brunch) but their burgers were always very good, and the pizzetta appetizer wasn't bad when I had it last.

        And I much preferred sitting in the bar on the back wall. Less crowded, and not quite as loud as it can get in the main room. Plus, Mike and John, if they're tending bar, are great bartenders.

        1. come on people!! i have to go tonight!! i'll settle for a panini(do not like their hamb) if i have to but would rather...

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            Hmmm, on our last couple of visits, we liked the sweet potato fries and catfish fingers. My pressed BLT was good, and I'd probably order that again. Not too thrilled with the other entrees we tried (tips, pasta dish).

          2. I recently moved from Porter to Davis, and I must say that for the pub grub/music 1-2 punch, I strongly prefer Christophers/Toad to Johnny D's.

            That said, I feel the Johnny's cheeseburger definitely clears the "bad to mediocre" bar, probably a B- on a reasonably tough curve.

            Good size, very good quality Coleman beef (same as at Christophers), good roll (something Christophers definitely *doesn't* have), good bacon and cheese. The crispy seasoned fries will ruffle the feathers of, well, people who don't like seasoned fries, but I rather like them.

            The big downfall, IMO, is that Johnny's seems categorically incapable of serving the burger any less cooked than medium, so if you like your red meat bloody (as do I), this would be something of a point of concern.

            The garden salad uses a good mesclun mix too.

            1. They used to be good but i noticed in the past few years that they have been slipping and it's not worth my $$$.

              1. In my opinion, it's a bar food only kinda place, - - with a capital "B" - - in other words, stick to the basics and keep your expectations down and you'll be happy with the beer and music which is second to none - - precious few places left like this venue - - remember jonathan swifts? the tam?

                1. Rule of thumb with B foods - don't play Stump the Chef.

                  AH Swifts. The food was Swifts Premium grade LOL

                  How bout Nightstage in Cambridge. That was happening.

                  1. Went and had the Cubano. even though the roast pork was excellent and did have the cumin flavor clearly come through, the sandwich badly needed the oomph of their chipotle ranch(it only comes with mustard, so i asked for the chip. ranch after tasting the sandwich.)Also, even though it's called 'pressed' it is not, just griddled, not squished, so is rather unwieldly to eat. Hubby had turkey burger- more mediocre food.