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Sep 26, 2006 04:15 AM

lexington, ky (university of ky)

road tripping to lexington for a football game this weekend. staying at a hotel across the street from the stadium. will be hitting town friday night. anything chowish (bbq, wings, burgers, etc.) around the college bar scene in town? thanx.

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  1. Billy's BBQ is something you won't want to miss, and I hear the burgers (from my husband) are very good at Buddy's which is across the street from that. Both are walking distance from the back of the stadium, or a short drive. Good, bottled beer. For good beer on tap there's Pazzo's, a collegey place on South Limestone, and their pizzas aren't bad. Have fun!

    1. Dudley's on Maxwell has an amazing BACON CHEESEBURGER.It's kind of a fancy restaurant but the burger is well worth seeking'll set you back about 10 bucks.

      1. Best burger in any town is the "O' Round" sirloin burger at Lynaugh's on Woodland at Euclid. Very close to Chevy Chase area where Billy's and Buddy's are.
        They also have an amazing Reuben which they call the CBSK. A PILE of thinly sliced corned beef!

        1. And the calzones at Pazzo on Limestone at Euclid are great.

          1. Yes, those calzones are good, as are the breadsticks with marinara (cheap appetizer). I'm pleased to hear about Lynaugh's, never been. Sounds exciting.
            A late night cheap eat--they do a great grilled chicken, and the interior is funky with lots of bookshelves with old books, etc--is Charlie Brown's on Euclid. I think they serve food until 11pm or later, which is pretty rare for this town, and worth keeping in mind. It's not fantastic but in a pinch it'll do.