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Sep 26, 2006 03:43 AM

The perfect pancake

Recently moved to DC/Annapolis area. Been in hot pursuit for non-buttermilk pancakes (buckwheat, wheat germ, etc). There has to be something other than the multi-grains at Bob Evans. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Try Original Pancake House in Falls Church, Rockville, and Bethesda. I'm quite fond of their Wheat Germ pancakes, and they have a great variety.

    1. It's been a while since I've had them, but the blueberry buckwheats at Market Lunch in Eastern Market on Capitol Hill have some local repute.

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      1. re: Bill on Capitol Hill

        The bluebucks at Eastern Market are great, I agree. But can anyone give me an update on what the schedule is for the Market Lunch? There was rumor that they were discontinuing breakfast hours and maybe even breakfast items.

      2. have some good baltimore recs if you are interested....

        1. This is a divergence from what the OP asked for, because the underlying batter is still buttermilk (I think), but the blueberry pancakes at Lousianna Express in Bethesda are worth a mention, given how rarely the subject of pancakes comes up on the board. I've had one recent instance when they were nothing special (perhaps a function of a sub in the kitchen, rather than the regular pancake guy?), but every other time I've had them, they've consisted of LOTS of really good quality blueberries, with only enough batter to hold them together into a pancake shape. None of this "regular pancakes with a small number of blueberries tossed in as an afterthought" stuff - these were BLUEBERRY pancakes, with emphasis firmly on the blueberry.

          And for the poster who had the Baltimore recs, POST! We Balimoron Chowhounds eat pancakes, too, even if the OP doesn't get up our way.

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            I was just going to mention Louisiana Express. Their pecan pancakes are good too, and really full of pecans.

            FWIW, I found the Orig. Pancake House in Bethesda incredibly greasy with rather ordinary pancakes.

          2. Louisiana Express and French Quarter Cafe have good pecan pancakes, but they're made with buttermilk. There must be a half cup of pecan halves in every pancake.

            Orig. Pancake House pancakes are mediocre. The diners all have bad to just edible pancakes. IHOP has some made with Cream of Wheat that aren't awful. But NO ONE serves them with real maple syrup, which is the only way to eat pancakes.

            My hubby has decided the only place to eat pancakes is at home. Guess you'll have to come to my house. We have pancake or waffle blowout every Sat. or Sunday. Whole grain pancakes with raspberries or blackberries from our own bushes. Now that berry season is almost over, we'll switch to pumpkin. And maple syrup of course! Yummmm. Is it Saturday yet?

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              Pumpkin? Yummm ... would you care to share the recipe? I've been making oatmeal (soaked in buttermilk) pancakes, and they're good, but I love trying new kinds. :)