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Sep 26, 2006 03:36 AM

Jewish deli in/around Park Slope?

It needn't be kosher, but can anyone tell me where I can get a nice bowl of matzoh ball soup, a pastrami sandwich and maybe some kasha varnishkes? (A bowl of pickled things that are placed on the table when you sit down isn't mandatory, but certainly appreciated.)

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  1. While far more eclectic than a Jewish Deli (You can also get baby back ribs and Fried Calamari), Junior's does serve Matzo ball soup and pastrami and corned beef sandwiches. I think that's as close a you can get to what you want in the Park Slope vicinity.

    1. I've been living in Park Slope for five years now, and we have 8 or so Thai Restaurants, multiple Japanese, Various Mexican Restaurants, a plethora of Chinese Restaurants, and every form of hamburger known to mankind.

      We are missing two things:

      A good Kosher (style) delicatessan
      A good Korean restaurant.

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        I've heard, but can't confirm, that a Korean Restaurant is going into the space on Garfield Place below Rancho Allegro and next door to Ha Na Bi.

        Anyone else know about this rumor?

      2. For Korean, check Noo Nah over in Prospect Heights - most people are told that Vanderbilt is Park Slope anyways. (Just like people are told that Franklin is Prospect Heights.)

        1. I've been living in Park Slope for two years. While there are many wonderful food options there, there's nothing even resembling good Matzoh Ball soup anywhere closer than Junior's.

          I used to go to the 2nd avenue Deli on my way home, but that's no longer an option, sadly.

          1. I can tell you where NOT to go. Out of desparation when my husband and I were sick we ordered Matzoh Ball Soup from Park Cafe on 7th. What a mistake!