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Sep 26, 2006 03:36 AM

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Who serves the best in TO?

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  1. :( No good S&M in Toronto?

    I don't know one place to get this comfort-food dish because we never seem to order it when out.

    Thought there may be an awesome version out there to match our craving.


    1. Maybe a chain restaurant or local diner? It is after all an American, not an Italian, dish.

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      1. re: mrbozo

        No question it is 100% american, but it can also be quite excellent. There is a resto in Vancouver called Glowball that serves an incredible version. Roccos of NYC made the big meatball even more famous than ever.

        When made well with el dente noodles and a thick tasty sauce, S&M can be very satisfying.

        I am hopeful Toronto has that one place...if not, how about the meatball? As much as I love a California Sandwich, I hate their meatball. Is there a great meatball out there?

        Thanks hounds!

        1. re: bestandworst

          Hmmm, good question. Caffé Trè Mari on St Clair might have meatball and pasta available separately.

          What puts you off the California Sandwich meatball?

          1. re: mrbozo

            I don't like how mushy it is. Seems to be more filler than beef...lacking oomph in flavour as well.

            There are two types of meatball I have enjoyed in the past. One seasoned with mostly garlic and cheese (parma), or one heavily herbed. Both were very juicy and nicely browned with a zesty tomato sauce. Size doesn't matter really...from golf ball to baseball.

            1. re: bestandworst

              I hear you. And while I have no beef with the California Sandwich meatball (I always order extra sauce - and I do like their sauce - on my sandwiches), it is the simplest things that are often most difficult to do well. BTW, have you been referring to the Claremont (original location, where mama is still in the kitchen)?

              Might be time to roll your own.

              1. re: mrbozo

                Yes the is just north of where I live. I love the steak, chicken and veal. Olives are great too.

                On a good day we will order at California and then shoot up to Bitondo to split a cheese panzerotto while we wait for our sandwiches to be ready. So far I am still a very lucky guy when it comes to the waistline!

                1. re: bestandworst

                  Great panzerotto and pizza at Bitondo, to be sure.

                  But hey, we're not cabbies, are we?

                  I really am starting to be convinced that the meatball/pasta solution lies in one's own hands - unless someone chimes in with a revelation.

          2. re: bestandworst

            I really enjoy the meatball sandwich at Foccaccia, the take out lunch version, not the sit down fancier one. There are a couple of italian ladies who serve, and their pasta is quite good as well, although i've never seen them actually service spaghetti with their meatballs, I'm sure you can get pasta with them.

            The meatballs are nice and moist, with good flavour.

            1. re: bestandworst

              Gio's on Queen has a great meatball appetizer.

          3. That's an interesting discussion: Where would you go to get something that you typically wouldn't order because you tend to make it yourself when the craving strikes? I don't think that I've ordered spaghetti and meatballs since I pronounced it "pasghetti". But who does have the best spaghetti, potato skins, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, etc...?

            1. You may want to try Amato's on St. Clair. I was there for a buffet a few years back and they had meatballs. They were quite good.
              Other than that, the best place for S&M is in your own home.


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              1. re: Davwud

                I can vouch for the meatball sandwiches at Amato Queen St. They are great, tasty and nothing mushy about them.

              2. I've heard raves about the S & M at Boston Pizza.

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                1. re: squeaks

                  Really? It's a massive portion (1280 calories and 46 grams of fat, not including the garlic bread it comes with (I know this because the only reason I eat at Boston Pizza is that their nutritional information is available)) but it's not otherwise good. The meatballs are tasteless lumps, and the spaghetti is, as a general rule, overcooked.