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Sep 26, 2006 02:54 AM

Chocolate Croissant in the Twin Cities?

I *may* be going on a gluten-free diet starting in a week, so I'm on a goodbye tour to all of my favorite gluten-ful items. What's your vote for my last chocolate croissant in the Twin Cities? I'm willing to drive... but I live in Uptown. Thank you!

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  1. New French Bakery on 26th ave and 26th street. Their croissants are THE best! The almond one is heavenly

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    1. re: cooknKate

      Hmmm... Have you been to the New French Bakery lately? I stopped going last spring because the quality had plummeted.

      The croissants were never my favorites, but the last ones I tried were were greasy, heavy shadows of their former selves. Worse, the bread had gone downhill, and they stopped making their best pastries (I adored the pear-almond tart, but it's no longer available).

      My impression was that the NFB had scaled way back and gone corporate at the expense of quality. But if that was just a brief fluke, I would love to know.


      P.S. I would check out the croissants at Rustica. Although I haven't tried them, everything else they make is fabulous, so the croissants must be wonderful, too.

    2. I'll put in a word for Turtle Bread ... 48th and Chicago or ... uh ... Linden Hills somewhere. 47th and Franceish? Fabulous croissants, including chocolate and almond ones.

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      1. re: Jordan

        The Linden Hills location of Turtle Bread is on 44th Street, farther down the alphabet from France Ave. Abbott, I think.

        (For folks who are reading along from someplace else, most of Minneapolis is laid out in a grid and in some sections the avenues are named in alphabetical order. So very, very orderly....)

        1. re: KTFoley

          I third the Turtle Bread reco. I think their croissants are excellent.

      2. what about Franklin St/Ave Bakery? I have not had them there, but everything they have seems to be awesome, so I would imagine their pain au chocolat (as my mom used to call them) would be great too. Anyone had them?

        1. I'd recommend the regular or chocolate croissants at A Baker's Wife, on the corner of 28th Ave and 42nd St in south Minneapolis - they're amazing.

          1. With all the choices already mentioned, you probably won't need to drive to St. Paul, but I'm just finishing off the croissant I bought this morning at Trung Nam French Bakery at 731 W. University Ave in St. Paul. $1.25

            Weird, the phone number is 612.883-0887--isn't that a Mpls area code? The croissant part of the croissant is heaven--I wish there were a bit more chocolate inside, though. Their other croissants are good, too.

            I picked up a bahn mi sandwich for lunch, too. Not bad for $2.00.


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            1. re: The Dairy Queen

              Trung Nam's croissants are great, but if you want one, be sure to get there early! They close at 1:00PM, and if you get there after noon, don't count on any croissants being left. The most popular flavors dissapear pretty early in the day, so get there early, or forget about it.