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Sep 26, 2006 02:14 AM

Most $$ Expensive Joint in Town?

Could it be that CUT has now replaced IVY on Robertson
as the most expensive dining experience in So Cal,
not counting bizarro sushi experiences, please.

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  1. Unless you count the omakase at Urasawa.

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    1. re: Emme

      What part of bizarro sushi experiences didn't you understand?


    2. Cut is hardly the Most Expensive Experience in LA. Ivy is horrible at any price, nothing is good, except the Star watching.
      Cut's Not Cheap by any means. It's definitely in the low Top 10, based on Power(truffles,caviar,kobe,blue fin, Tasting Menus around town. Best Kobe Steak is still at URASAWA, unbeatable!

      Cut 100-140 ea
      Spago 130-200 ea
      Providence 120-180 ea Chef's Table
      La Cachette 130-160 ea Whole Nine Yards
      Valentino 125- 225 ea Primi Menu
      L'Orangerie 125-200 ea
      Melisse 135-200 ea
      Water Grill 120-160 ea
      Il Grano 120-200
      Capo 120-180
      Ortolan 120-180
      Georgio Baldi 100-200+
      Montage(Studio) 125-180
      La botte (pick a #)
      Opus (130 to ?) 31 course menu, best deal in LA!

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      1. re: russkar

        Are these prices including wine? Because I went with 3 friends to Water Grill and ended up spending less than $100/person all the while having an appetizer (per person), main course (per person) and dessert (per person). We didn't have wine!

        1. re: mstinawu

          NOT INCLUDING WINE. The wine is normally one and half times more than the food. A single fine bottle (brought) can easily be 500- plus. On a wine list 1000-, plus. If your lucky enough to be on the Harlan mailing list it's 350-ea from 200- last year. A restaurant will mark that up 2-3 times.

          When you request a Special tasting Menu at Water Grill it's in the Price range listed, plus 4 hrs. Look back at my Posts on Water Grill in 03, 04 and you'll see the 10-12 course TM's.

          1. re: russkar

            C'mon is 1.5 times food cost!?! Well, sure, if you order Harlan or Latour, but MOST people don't, and order in the $50ish range...even at $100/bottle, most people don't order more than one and a half, so thats $75pp.

            I don't know of ANYONE who orders expensive wine in LA restaurants unless they're on expense accounts-this town is BYOB heaven!

            As for op, I think that a la carte (no special tasting menus), CUT is definitely among the most expensive places in town.

            1. re: manku

              Expensive is a relative term. Many wine folks do not consider a $100-$150 bottle an expensive bottle. Many who do not drink that stuff on a regular basis or have a different set of experience would consider that notion silly. It really is a highly relative and subjective issue.

              For the most part, we are very fortunate in LA that most restaurants (especially compared to other big cities - other than SF - in the US) have a very open corkage policy. Allowing wine at all... many/most places in NYC don't even do that.

              I usually bring high end bottles of wine with me... things at the level of a Harlan, First/Super Second Growth Bordeaux, or a Grand Cru Burg. We also almost ALWAYS buy a bottle of a higher end white or Champagne from the house - usually spending $100-$150 minimum on wine with the house. When doing so, most LA restaurants are very pleased and welcome our own bottles.

              Our general rule of thumb is to buy around one bottle from the house for every 2-3 diners. A four top would cause us to buy 1-2 bottles, depending on the dinner, length of time, etc...

              We have brought bottles to nearly all of the restaurants listed on Russkar's list. Usually with open arms from the house.

              I guess now you kind of know a couple of folks who do order "expensive" bottles at restaurants in LA with their own money. :). We've ordered $500+ bottles on more occasions than I can remember. But as restaurant wine list prices go, believe it or not LA isn't THAT bad... other towns can be far worse.

              I do agree that CUT is at the higher end of pricing, but there are several/many that are more expensive.

      2. russkar-
        What did YOU order at CUT,
        no apps or dessert?

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          1. re: NumeroUnoEat

            if you're not getting the Kobe beef (yes, I know, I know, a must-have) that price seems attainable, actually.

          2. Stopped by L'Orangerie over the weekend for dessert, and just browsing the regular menu I could tell it was pretty expensive. A la carte entrees were easily in the $40s/$50s - more than most swanky places I've frequented so far.

            1. You can make pretty much any high end place the most expensive by ordering lots of Cristal and caviar. And you can keep the bill down at some expensive places by closely monitoring choices and avoiding much or any alcohol. The real question is not which is the most expensive place in town, but which place enables more people to throw caution to the wind and splurge regardless of cost considerations. Patina for example is an expensive spot, but it seems stiff and I don't get the desire to go crazy there (much less go there). Puck seems to have a talent for relaxing people and letting them spend their money. The fact is that as high as some of the prices discussed here are LA remains a relative bargain compared to NYC, SF, London, Paris, Tokyo, etc. New Orleans is THE bargain city for good food but it's in transition now so who knows what the future will bring.