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Favorite food from a chain "sit-down"?

Although I advise my friends who are being courted to "never trust a guy who takes you to a chain restaurant," we all have our dirty little secrets, right? For me it mostly begins and ends with Bennigan's. They used to have a reuben that was delicious, probably cause it's so simple, you couldn't mess it up. But they did, they took it off the menu. A few others...

Bennigan's Monte Cristo or turkey o'toole w/ baked potato soup
Romano's bread and penne rustica
Chili's chicken crispers.
Cheddar's cookie monster

... alright, now everyone fess up

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  1. Cheesecake Factory Four Cheese Pasta and Biscuits
    CPK Chopped Salad sans salami or cheese
    Sisley Chopped Salad sans salami or cheese with eggplant
    Jerry's Deli omelettes... the ONLY thing i will eat here and will go here for

    1. Waffle House Hashbrowns
      Macaroni Grill Chicken Scaloppine
      Original Pancake House Dutch Baby
      Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits

      1. Rolls at Texas Roadhouse
        Chili at Texas Roadhouse
        Steaks at Texas Roadhouse
        Minestrone at Johnny Carino's
        Burger with guacamole and bacon at Chili's
        Tomato Basil soup at Applebee's

        Texas Roadhouse is my preferred sit-down chain place, overall, except for the noise level which can be deafening.

        1. All from Houston's:

          Home Smoked Salmon
          Knife & Fork Barbecue Ribs
          Grilled Chicken Salad
          Tortilla Soup

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            I've heard raves for their artichoke dip

          2. Dakota Smashed Pea and Barley Soup at the California Pizza Kitchen -- paired with a half-size field greens salad, it's great light meal.

            1. Cheesecake Factory: Shrimp & Bacon Club

              1. Bennigans chicken fingers with honey mustard. Best chicken fingers in the world.


                I cant think of anything else....Ruby Tuesday makes a good burger. Haven't tried their new USDA prime burger yet.

                1. Cheesecake Factory Chinese Chicken Salad
                  Carraba's fried calamari & bread with dipping oil
                  CPK cheese & garlic foccacia

                  1. Cheesecake Factory Santa Fe Salad
                    Red Lobster Lobster Chops(and those fabulous biscuits)
                    Outback Jackeroo Chops

                    1. Tomato Basil Soup - La Madeline
                      Strawberries Romanoff - La Madeline
                      Chicken Enchilada Soup - Chili's
                      Spinach & Artichoke Dip - Houston's
                      Couscous Side Dish - Houston's
                      BBQ Chicken Salad - CPK

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                      1. re: mamamia

                        next time you're at La Madeline take a look at the jars and check out the nutritional info on the Tomato Basil, it's sickening. But, they do make me proud to be from the metroplex.

                        1. re: amkirkland

                          I already know it's hideous - but I don't care. It's good stuff.


                      2. Brocolli Cheese Soup from TGI Fridays.

                        1. a second vote to both the broccoli cheese soup from TGI's and the cheddar rolls from Red Lobster (can I get those together somehow???)

                          Popeye's spicy chicken combo

                          1. Cheesecake factory-Chicken Piccata*

                            Queso dip & Broccoli Cheese -Chilis

                            Texas Roadhouse-Ribs

                            Red Lobster-biscuts

                            TGIF's-shrimp with Jack Daniles sauce

                            *Funny how so many people diss CF, but seems its on a list of people's favorites in many posts.

                            1. TGIF Jack DAniel's shrimp? Ugh....it's like shrimp with a spoonfull of sugar in each bite.

                              1. Waffle House - Country Ham and Eggs (substitute grits for potatoes) There are no Waffle Houses in CA so I especially enjoy trips to the South and one of my first stops is always WH.

                                Dave's Famous Barbeque - Slab of Baby Back Ribs Amazingly good for a chain; no hint of pressure cooker taste.

                                Mimi's Cafe - Probably one of the safest chain menus in the country. The food will satisfy all but the most peculiarly effete.

                                Chilis - The margaritas are tasty.

                                1. I don't feel guilty at all about eating:

                                  Burgers at Houston's
                                  German Pancakes at Original Pancake House

                                  1. Chilis - Veggi Blackbean Burger, it's delicious!
                                    In n Out Burger, Double Double (before I became a veggi)
                                    Outback - Kokaburro Wings (extra hot)(also before I became a veggi)
                                    Romano's - Penne Rustica (I think it's their best dish)
                                    Arby's - Curly Fries
                                    White Castle - Cheese Burgers (eastern U.S.)
                                    and . . I used to love those Waffle House Hash Browns too, scattered, smothered, covered! along with the Chicken Melt Sandwhich

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                                      Wow, we should go dine together. I love the black bean burger, almost preferring it to their meaty greasebombs, but I agree that in-n-out puts out a mean burger. And oh goodness... the penne rustica... you can keep your curly fries though.

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                                        I used to buy the Double Double and then go across the street to Arby's for the curly fries! Now I'm dieting!! LOL! and I've since become a pesce-vegetarian, meaning I do eat fish. But, those late night burgers were fun. But, after eating the Chili's black bean burger wow! I like those better than meat. I have been searching for where I can get them to cook at home. I bought some made by Garden burger in the grocery store, but they don't compare. Maybe we can get Chili's to market their burger in the frozen goods sections of grocery stores like other restaurants have done. Maybe I'll check out their website and send them an email!

                                    2. Frisco Melt and a side of small fries, with a Jr. Mint Chocolate Shake at Steak and Shake. Best fast food meal ever.

                                      1. Almost forgot, Marie Callendars Cabo San Lucas salad.

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                                          I like Callender's Gorgonzola, Pecan & Field Greens Salad. We used to go to the one across the street from work all the time.

                                        2. I echo the Red Lobster Cheese Biscuits, not that I'll voluntarily go to Red Lobster.
                                          Chopped CPK Club salad at CPK
                                          Boneless Buffalo Wings at Applebees
                                          In-n-Out Animal Style

                                          1. *P.F. Changs- Spicy Chang's chicken, Pan fried Shrimp Potstickers, Moo shu Pork

                                            *Z-Tejas- Nachos, Shrimp Dumplings, Jerk Salad

                                            *Grand Lux Cafe- Great Salads and dressings

                                            *Chilis- Boneless Shanghai wings, Chicken Crispers

                                            *Claim Jumper- Seared ahi rolls, Cheese toast, buffalo tenders, SALSA RANCH SALAD DRESSING IS THE BEST EVER! French fries and Nachos are pretty good

                                            *Carrabba's- Damian's shrimp scampi, Parmesan house dressing

                                            *Charleston's- Chicken tenders!!

                                            *Houlihan's- Chicken Chop chop salad, Green Chile quesadilla

                                            1. North Woods Inn - Garlic cheese toast and blue cheese salad

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                                                Ditto on North Woods Inn - will add their red cabbage salad and housemade steak relish to your list.
                                                Chilis- Mushroom Burger, medium-rare.

                                              2. P.F. Changs: hot and sour soup, kung po chicken, lettuce wraps

                                                Macaroni Grill: Shrimp Portofino, their house bread (yum)

                                                On the Border: Firecracker Stuffed Jalapenos, Mexican Shrimp Scampi

                                                Firebirds: Coconut Shrimp Tempura

                                                Rockfish Seafood Grill: Mexican Shrimp Martini, Flash-Fried Calamari, "The Bomb" (fried jalapenos stuffed with shrimp and cheese), Santa Fe Fish Tacos

                                                Texas Roadhouse: Ribs

                                                1. Ohhhhh - you're killing me with the Bennigan's Monte Cristo!! I used to go NUTS over that when I lived on the East Coast!! yumm.....

                                                  My guilty pleasure would be the Tour of Italy (chicken parm, lasagne, and alfredo) from the Olive Garden.

                                                  I am a seasoned cook when it comes to Italian cooking so I am embarrassed to share that info with anyone.

                                                  1. Cheesecake Factory- Grilled Skirt Steak, Chicken Littles, Chicken Madeira, Mashed Potatoes, Macaroni and Cheese, Chocolate Tuxedo Cheesecake, Basically Everything
                                                    Champps- Bourbon Glazed Pork Chops, Waffle Fries
                                                    Charlie Brown's- Wild Wild Mushroom Prime Rib, Charlie's Bone-in Prime Rib, Cowboy Prime Rib
                                                    Bennigans- Monte Cristo, Chicken Tenders, Tempura Shrimp
                                                    Red Robin- Royal Red Robin Burger, Steak Fries, Onion Rings, and Shakes
                                                    Chili's- Baby Back Ribs
                                                    Famous Dave's- Best Fries, BBQ Chicken, Corn Bread, Bread Pudding

                                                    1. Bertuccis: rolls, Carmine pizza
                                                      pf changs: chicken lettuce wraps, mushu chicken
                                                      CF: thai chicken lettuce wraps, asian chicken salad, avocado egg rolls
                                                      CPK: grilled veggie salad, thai crunch salad, wild mushroom pizza with chicken

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                                                      1. re: NiKoLe1625

                                                        The CF Avocado Eggrolls appear frequently in my dreams, I love them so much.

                                                      2. Chili's - Caribbean chicken salad
                                                        Cheesecake Factory - Luau Salad, lettuce wraps, Asian chicken salad, fresh strawberry cheesecake
                                                        Bertuccis - eggplant panini, rolls
                                                        CPK- Thai chicken pizza
                                                        Bugaboo Creek - steak salad

                                                        1. CPK - Hummus Appetizer
                                                          Logans Roadhouse - Anything and Everything Salad
                                                          Smokey Bones - Sliced Smoked Turkey w/mustard based bbq sauce
                                                          Quarterdeck - Turkeyburger

                                                          1. PF Changs tofu lettuce wraps and the dan dan noodles and the orange chicken.

                                                            1. Bang Bang Shrimp at Bonefish Grill...so good!!

                                                              1. Apple Pancake at Original Pancake House. I am ashamed to admit that I can no longer finish the regular size pancake and have to order the "junior." But of course, it's a junior like Al Horford of the back-to-back NCAA champion Florida Gators is a junior.

                                                                1. Nice comment, Bob W! Go Gators!

                                                                  I like to order fried okra as a side at Cracker Barrel, mostly because no one else I know likes okra. My husband enjoys going to Don Pablos, and I like their sweet corn cake and carnitas.

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                                                                    Mmmm, fried okra! I used to love the fried okra at the Morrison's Cafeteria in Gainesville, liberally doused with sport peppers in vinegar.

                                                                  2. Claim Jumper - California Citrus Salad
                                                                    Cheesecake Factory - whatever that Asian steak is with the wasabi mashed potatoes
                                                                    Chili - Lettuce Wraps, chicken enchilada soup, boneless shanghai wings
                                                                    CoCos - Tomato Bisque, Asian Chicken Salad (spicy-yum)
                                                                    Red Robin - Fish Sandwich or Teriyaki Burger (they need to get wheat buns though)
                                                                    PF Changs - Dan Dan Noodles
                                                                    Pei Wei - Kung Pao Scallops with no rice
                                                                    Johnny Carinos - that chili soup, the spicy chicken and shrimp pasta

                                                                    Alright...now I want to go out to dinner!

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                                                                    1. re: KellBell

                                                                      Oh yeah - Coco's - their "House" Sour Cream Dressing.

                                                                    2. claim jumper - french onion soup, crunchy spinach salad and corn muffin
                                                                      roy's - butterfish and chocolate souffle
                                                                      paradise bakery - fire roasted tomato soup
                                                                      charleston's - croissants
                                                                      bob evan's - bob's blt with egg
                                                                      cracker barrell - egg's in the basket and hashbrown casserole
                                                                      original pancake house - french crepes

                                                                      1. Houlihan's-ribs
                                                                        Macaroni Grill- bread, penne rustica, tiramisu
                                                                        Ruby Tuesday-triple prime hamburger