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Sep 26, 2006 01:47 AM

Takeout leftover magic

A thread in Gen. Topics made me curious - what do you do to doctor up leftovers from takeout meals?

I just made congee from the rice that came with my Chinese food. I've made frittata with leftover rice or noodle dishes; used leftover curries or patties to top salads; made veggie burgers from leftover tofu and/or grains.

I'd love to hear your ideas...

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  1. I love this question!

    These things are pretty obvious, but...
    -I *always* make fried rice from leftover rice.
    -I put finely chopped leftovers of all kinds into omelettes...
    -I usually chop up meat leftovers and put them over spinach salad (not right now...) or slice them and put them on sandwiches
    -Most leftovers can make their way into some type of soup (once in a while I've cheated and washed off leftovers to start the flavoring all over again myself)

    I'm sure you'll get lots of great ideas... I have never tried your carb-frittata before, I will have to give that a shot.