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Dec 3, 2004 12:22 AM

beef cheeks

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Anyone know where to get beef cheeks in the EBay or SF, preferably not in 50 lb quantity as the only butcher that could even find any told me I would have to order. My mom had a casserole of beef cheeks in Spain last year and has raved non-stop since. Would love to prepare the dish for her again.

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  1. Potter Family Farms/Prather Ranch at the Ferry Plaza sells them. Yummy! And if you don't want to cook, try them at Bizou in San Francisco.

    1. bryan's quality meats on california st. (laurel village area) in sf has cheeks on a special-order basis. you might want to call ahead and make sure, their info is: 415-752-3430 -- 3473 california st., sf .... good luck and i hope this helps. and yes, bizou does an amazing version of beef cheeks "st. menehoulde"... try it sometime

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        Melanie Wong

        Cabeza served at many taquerias is all or mostly braised beef cheeks. Maybe you can find cheeks at Mexican butchers/carnicerias.

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          Ask the butcher at Mi Pueblo, Fruitvale. It's not in the case, but they've always had it in the back.

        2. In the past (it has been a couple of years) we got beef cheeks at the Aisan Markets in Daly City. Pacific off of Highway and Manila Market off of King.

          I this is called Beef Cheeks in English on the package but sometimes it is written in Chinese. But you can ask the butchers there and I think they can help you.

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            Mil Mascaras

            I would try a Mexican "Carniceria" (english: Meat Market). Like Melanie said, "Cabeza" is served in tacos which is mostly beef cheeks.
            I love Cabeza tacos, it can sound gross (Head tacos), but they are truly delicious, they do not have any brain tissue, or eye for that matter, it all tender meat on the face from a huge cow's head.

            The best cabeza I had was where they put the head in a deep-pit and roasted it slowly over night.
            QUE DELICIOSO!!!!!!!!