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Sep 26, 2006 01:11 AM

Late and Cheap? More NY Noodletown's needed. Even 12am close is ok.....

My hours can be crazy and I'm looking for late night places. The Mas' and Blue Ribbons of the world are great, but I am looking for more affordable alternatives that can be frequented with some sort of regularity.

K-town is good, but I'm sick of it already.

I am familiar with many of the usual suspects but I'm hoping you posters can put me onto some new places.

I dont need diner hours - 1130p/12a closings are fine.

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    1. You could do worse than steak tartare or a croque madame at L'Express (Park and 20th). Open 24/7

      1. Nolia is a French/Asian restaurant that serves food until at least 2am every night of the week.