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Late and Cheap? More NY Noodletown's needed. Even 12am close is ok.....

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My hours can be crazy and I'm looking for late night places. The Mas' and Blue Ribbons of the world are great, but I am looking for more affordable alternatives that can be frequented with some sort of regularity.

K-town is good, but I'm sick of it already.

I am familiar with many of the usual suspects but I'm hoping you posters can put me onto some new places.

I dont need diner hours - 1130p/12a closings are fine.

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    1. You could do worse than steak tartare or a croque madame at L'Express (Park and 20th). Open 24/7

      1. Nolia is a French/Asian restaurant that serves food until at least 2am every night of the week.