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Sep 26, 2006 12:32 AM

Another AMAZING dinner in the Beach....

I know that I've raved about this place before, BUT, I just have to rave again!

"POMEGRANATE" is a hidden gem in the Beaches, on Queen St.E, just west of Beech Ave! Since moving to the area at the start of this year, it is one of the ONLY places in the Beach that I have found to have great, and consistantly great food. The menu has alot of variety...something to please everyone! The chef is absolutely delightful ( and he is the owner as well! )

Please give this place a chance Chowhounds! It is not a very busy spot ( which makes me nervous that it will close at anytime! ) It just needs some regulars...If you try it once, you will be hooked! The only negative point about this place is slightly inexperienced wait staff...but they try VERY hard to please!

Let me know if you try "POMEGRANATE".... : )

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  1. You have my attention! What did you eat? I went there when it was called Eric's (possibly the same owner?) and thought it was ok.
    Thanks for the tip.

    1. oooh yes, I'm curious. Do they have a website?

      1. I have yet to find the website. When I look it up, only "THE Pomegranate" restaurant comes up ( a different place on College St-that I have yet to try.)

        I don't know if he was there when it was called "Eric's" as I'm pretty new to the Beach. He did mention that he worked in several restaurants downtown as a chef, before he reached his dream of owning his own restaurant.

        So far I have tried:

        -Mushrooms baked three ways ( an appetizer )
        -Avocado omelette ( weekend brunch )

        And my fiance has tried ( and LOVED )

        -Lamb with pomegranate reduction...and keeps getting the same dish when we go so it must be good!

        One other thing I forgot to mention is that he only takes cash or you might want to hit the bank machine first. Our last meal with apps and wine came to approx $80.00 before tip.

        Hope you enjoy!

        1. Pomegranate in the Beach does not seem related to Eric's. Eric's was owned and run by an Asian couple (he cooked and she served). They were more into catering than into their restaurant, but they really cared about their food. I don't remember any other staff over many visits. Eric's had many virtues, but I doubt there is any relevance to the current place.

          The Pomegranate on College is Persian. I have been there and enjoyed it, though I can't vouch for its authenticity.

          1. Has Eric's closed? I thought Pomegranate was in that odd little space next door to Eric's that used to be Casa Mexicana.