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Sep 26, 2006 12:26 AM

Upper East Sushi - help!

Looking for a great sushi place on the Upper East Side...trendy atmosphere with great food...any recs? Has anyone been to Gajuymaru? Tokubei 86? Others?

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  1. Ichiro on 87th and 2nd has a nice vibe and decor. Gaiyumaru is fairly authentic/traditional and has above average sushi. Poke on 85th/1st is good/well priced. Sushi Hana on 75th/2nd is alright/got recently redecorated. If you want pricier, Sushi of Gari/Sushi Sennin/Sushi Seki are all excellent.

    1. Relaxed, friendly vibe coupled with great quality (if pricey) sushi can be found at Sushi Senin (81st and 3rd). If you order the "assortments", the sushi and/or sashimi are great deals.

      1. Gajumaru is excellent. It is very authentic, and as a Japanese, I think it's the best
        place in the neighborhood. Another very good place is Inase. A small place
        on 1st between 83 and 82nd.
        Neither places are so called 'trendy' but the food is very good.

        I would stay away from Poke or Ichiro unless you like american sushi.

        1. Not sure if "trendy" and "great sushi" can be found at the same place. Great sushi at Sushi Seki on First in the 60s. Chefs eat here although I would not call it in the least bit trendy.

          1. I agree with the other posts that Sushi Senin serves great sushi on the UES. I recently ate at Geisha and enjoyed the sushi as well. If you are looking for a trendy atmosphere I would pick Geisha over Sushi Senin.