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Sep 26, 2006 12:18 AM

where to eat dinner in centreville/chantilly/fairfax area

On an expense account, so price is not really an issue (well, within some reasonable bounds) but looking for a few happening places to check out early this week. Something local and idiosyncratic preferred. Thanks!

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  1. This is not a great area for expense account dining, though there are some options. You could go to Heritage Inn in Fairfax (where I have never been); it's supposed to be very good, and expensive, but who knows? You can also go to Tysons Corner area, which is not far, and go to Maestro, which is really an expense account place, excellent, and all that. But can you get in on short notice? Not sure. Why am I suddenly writing like Rummy speaks? Not sure...

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      James I think you mean the Hermitage Inn in Fairfax (Clifton). It's good, but I would recommend Le Tire Bouchon for french food over the Hermitage, for the food as well as the atmosphere. In fact outside of Maestro and Colvin Run, I'd recommend Le Tire Bouchon. It's a quaint restaurant with an impressive, yet unique decor and terrific service.

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        I would have to agree with those who mentioned Le Tire Bouchon in Fairfax City. My family has been going there since they opened and we have never had a bad meal (some not as good as others).

        If you like Indian Bombay Bistro in Fairfax is also quite good.

    2. Check out this place. It's local, not a chain, serves high end cuisine, and the head guy is a famous local chef (Bob Kinkead).

      1. Dolce Vita is a good, local italian place that is moderately priced. The atmosphere is somewhat crowded and a little loud but it has character and is enjoyable.

        1. I think Artie's and Coastal Flats are great restaurants. They usually have great fresh fish specials, crabcakes are some of the best in the area and their warm flourless chocolate waffle or keylime pie is amazing!


          Coastal Flats

          Their is a BoneFish Grill in Centreville...I hear great things about their food all the time.

          And in the City of Fairfax...I have heard some great things about a French restaurant called Le Tire Bouchon.

          I think you have some great choices!

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            Agree that these would be good, but in my opinion, the Sweetwater Tavern in Centreville is better than either Artie's or Coastal Flats, unless you want seafood in which case Coastal Flats has more options. The blue crab fritter appetizers (available at Sweetwater and Artie's) are divine, one of my favorite bites in the entire area. The Prime Rib is excellent at Sweetwater, I'm not a big fan of the blackening they give it at Artie's and it's only available some nights there. The crab cakes are basically the same at any of them. Sweetwater has the added bonus of a decent social scene at times, and you can load up on some good beer brewed in house.

            Go to to peruse the menus of these places. It is a chain, but they do it well.

            Le Tire Bouchon is pretty good too.

          2. I just wanted to thank all those you gave me some advice. Unfortunately, I was not able to capitalize on it, so I cannot report on any places. I ended up having social event at the hyatt in reston, nothing too exciting for sure. Anyhow, thanks a lot!