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Sep 26, 2006 12:08 AM

The Weiner Factory

Hadn't been there in years. Went today for lunch. Disappointing. Dog, which they claim is Sabrett's, was bland and texture on the mushy side. And this was not from being overcooked or sitting in the steamer too long. Nothing like the tasty, snappy dirty water Sabrett's I used to get from hot dog carts in NJ. To be fair the dog was a good size and they were generous with the sweet n'sour cabbage and grated cheese toppping.

Also the "Air Fries" were really greasy. I don't know why they call them "Air Fries". They were much greasier than regular deep fried french fries.

I'll be sticking with my favorite from now on, Carney's.

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  1. Good point, and with that entire property all the way over to Kester now for sale and all tenants on month to month leases, it may not be there for too much longer, maybe a year or less. However, totally agree regarding Carney's - much better product in more fun environment, kids noise on weekend lunch days notwithstanding.

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    1. re: carter

      I think the Carney's on Sunset is better than the Carney's on Ventura. The Ventura blvd. location always seems to overcook/burn the hot dog or polish.

    2. Hot dogs are OK and the owner Kevin(2nd generation) takes pride in what he serves...if he was there you should have said something. But...the thing to get there are their Polish Sausage (spicy & mild) they are the best in LA. Their hot dogs and Polish sausages are steamed and not sitting in dirty boiling water.

        1. Mild polish, red cabbage and german potato salad are the standouts at the Weiner Factory. If you are looking for a plain old good dog, Carney's is the best.

          Steve Doggie-Dogg

          1. Carter that bites. Are they planning to relocate? I'm a WF advocate, pretty much love their food, although I've never tried the fries. I go for chili-cheese dogs which I'm addicted to.

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            1. re: davinagr

              I am sure Kevin has more input than I do, as he will be asked to vacate with due notice when the time comes. Rents will be his deterent, yet in two years, they may not be!!!
              Depends on how the property sale and redevelopment occurs, but if I were him, I would have my eyes and ears open now to new opportunities. And the Rubins site will not be one of them.
              Sorry, but I cannot abide by anyone's chili dog, with or without cheese. Why ruin a good hot dog with chili?