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Sep 25, 2006 11:30 PM

seattle (1st visit) recs

Wedding on Sat, but I'll have all day Sun-Mon to explore. Staying near the Fremont neighborhood. Only plans so far are Pike Place and Salumi. Coming from Austin, so I could pass on bbq or Mexican. Would love any recs for your fine city...(food and/or cool spots just to check out). Thanks so much!!

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  1. Casey, Texas does BBQ well, Seattle does Asian well. I suggest a short cab ride to the International District. At 12th & Jackson is Seven Stars Schezuan restaurant. (It's upstairs in a strip mall.) Since you're on Chowhound, I assume you don't want bland food and at Seven Stars, you'll experience a fairly "non-Westernized" menu. Their Schezuan crab is worth the trip from Austin. Our Sushi is also exceptional. I suggest Shiro's but get there early to get a seat at the bar. (5:30 at the latest.) DO NOT ORDER FROM THE MENU. For the Omikase experience, just as Shiro to make you dinner. You will be delighted. 94 Stewart Street at Pike's market offers Pacific Northwest fare with style. Their signature appetizer is deep fried Avacado in panko batter covered with fresh crab. You won't find that in Texas. Palace Kitchen is great for drinks, snacks and earthy food. The upstairs bar at Maximillien's at the Market serves terrific mussels served several different ways. Explore and let us know what you liked!

    1. Caseytown, check out my recent review of the places we enjoyed in Seattle last weekend. We did pass by some Mexican and BBQ places, but they are easily avoided with so many great places serving seafood and Asian specialties. Enjoy Seattle. It's a wonderful place.

      --Dallas Alice