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Sep 25, 2006 11:20 PM

Dinner in Downtown Las Vegas

Hello all, I am going on a bachelor party in a few weeks and we'll be staying in Downtown Las Vegas. This will be eight 30-something foodies looking for a good steak or seafood dinner. Looking at past posts, Hugo's sounds over-priced for what you get, and Binions is out of business. Great Moments in the Vegas Club casino gets a lot of votes. I know there's been a lot of changes Downtown the past year or so. Anyone know of a cool new place (or a venerable old-vegas icon I've missed).

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  1. You need to check out the Southwest board for any Vegas inquiries. The Triple George Grill across the street from the Lady Luck Casino might be just what you're looking for, steak & seafood entrees in the $15-30 range.

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    1. Pasta Pirate in the California hotel. Great place, dumb name.

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        Redwood Grill(at the California Hotel/Casino) for steaks and seafood is a better choice than Pasta Pirate for steaks....but they probably can't accomodate 30 unless you give them plenty of notice--isn't a very big place and they are always booked. Try the Pullman Grill at the Main Street Casino..they may be able to accomodate 30. Next door at the same hotel/casino is the Triple 7 Brew Pub where they have a microbrewery and sports bar kind of food with a sushi bar-for after dinner festivities.

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          actually there are going to be 8, 30-some year olds.

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            Oooops...I just saw that.
            Redwood Grill can accomodate 8 people no problemo-just call way in advance-they do get booked. Prime rib is like 3" thick, they have a few steaks like porterhouse and filet also king crab legs, scallops, poultry are all done well.
            Think if you want steaks though I'd go for the Pullman Grill at the Main Street Casino--they're emphasis is a steak house and then have other items like seafood and poultry. They also have an old Pullman dining car (hence the name Pullman Grill) you might be able to dine in. Believe they also allow cigar smoking there. Like I mentioned next door is their Triple 7 Brew Pub where you can retire for drinks after dinner..sportsbar and you can get rowdy there. Favorite hangout downtown for locals who work there too.
            Pasta Pirate has only one steak and that's a top sirloin which comes by itself or with a lobster tail.
            I've never been, but there's a new steakhouse at the Golden Nugget.

      2. Check out my post in the las angeles forum, Fremont Hotel! Fremont Hotel has the best seafood buffet in Las Vegas bar none, you won't be sorry, cost? only about $18.00 and they usually have lobster claws but call and ask if they are having them that night. I think it's seafood, Tues, Thursday, and Sundays. Locals secret. Redwood is expensive.

        1. Binion's has reopened. I have not heard anything about the steakhouse since the reopening. I second Triple George.

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            Looks like it will be Triple George, thanks to all for the good suggestions. I will check out the status of Binions while I'm there though.

          2. Here's another vote for Triple George Grill. We went there during our last trip to Vegas, had a great time and a great meal, and would definitely go back. Enjoy!