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Where to buy aji amarillo?

Hey all,

I'm making a recipe that calls for aji amarillo paste. Anyone know where I can find this in L.A.?

Thanks much.

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  1. Vallarta or Northgate supermarkets.

    1. Also check out catalina market on Western just south of Santa monica, and possibly carniceria argentina market on Victory just west of Colfax. both have imported goods from Peru -

      1. sounds like peruvian ceviche to me... Border Grill recipe, perhaps?
        Anyway, Baja Ranch markets in Monrovia and West Covina carry it... I'm sure other latin-themed markets do as well.

        Border Grill
        1445 4th St., Santa Monica, CA 90401

        1. you can buy them locally at Jons and Food4Less, which have both the can peppers which you can make into a paste or have the premade paste http://www.theravenouscouple.com/2009...

          1. Is it possible to get fresh ones in LA?

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              I've never seen fresh. You can get canned or puree at Palms Market in Culver City. I have seen Chile Manzana in Mexican markets, which I've heard is cousin to the south american Rocoto

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                ricardo zarate at Picca Peru and Mo-Chica has told me he gets it fresh but never got around to finding his source though, but likely not retail

                3655 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90007

                9575 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035

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                    Chef Zarate wasn't being honest. I used to work for him, and I can assure you that he did not get them fresh. They only come to the States frozen (whole), or in a paste form. I have never seen any Peruvian restaurants (worked for 4) carry fresh aji amarillo or rocoto. Best bet is Northgate, or Food 4 Less for the paste. You need to phone ahead though. Not all locations carry aji amarillo paste. If you want the frozen guys, best go to catalina, or this place in Long Beach that sells wholesale to the public. Rocoto and Aji are not easy to get, so do not let anyone tell you different. It's literally impossible to get them fresh in the States.

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                      You sometimes can find Chile Manzano fresh in well stocked Mexican markets I is basicly the same as Rocoto (Capsicum pubescens). I have never seen fresh Aji Amarillo here. Only canned frozen or paste

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                      Ricardo uses frozen chiles I worked at his resturant I know

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                        So both of you worked there but is it possible you guys worked at different points? I know Picca runs itself seperate from Mo Chica and Paiche. Also I know over time he began to take lots of shortcuts.

                  2. while I can't vouch for whether a chef uses fresh or frozen chiles, I can tell you that I used to grow aji amarillo chiles procured from www.chileplants.com. they are not native to the states, obviously, but the climate in L.A. is very similar to miraflores in lima, and the plants acclimated well. they lasted three seasons, and by season three i had about three dozen, half of which i gifted to aspiring chefs or fellow cooking fiends and half of which i used in various ceviches. in short, it's not impossible to find these in L.A. and if you have the gumption, space, sun & patience you can grow them once they are re-availed on January 1st

                    1. We've bought jarred aji amarillos and paste at Pollos a la Brasa on Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock.