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Sep 25, 2006 10:27 PM

Need a good Jewish/NY style Bakery in DC area

Doesn't have to be kosher. Just something reminiscent of New York bakeries.

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  1. Good luck.

    As someone once said, you really shouldn't look for one place's specialties in other places. You need to take everyplace for what it is, not try to make it something it isn't. There is no such animal in Washington, just as there is no really great crab house in NY (there is good bread to be had, but that is another thing).

    There is also no great NY pizza here, nor a really good cheesesteak, and on and on.

    But we do have good Salvadorian places, Ethiopian places, half smokes from carts, soul food, and crabs occasionally.

    1. not necessarily true ...

      When I moved to the Maryland suburbs of Washington from NYC many years ago I searched for good NYC style jewish bakeries. There were several of them - Posin's, Bernstein's, Katz's, etc. - alas ALL are gone now. The bakers in each one got old, they retired, no one picked up the trade. The same thing is happening in NYC. My favorite there was a Hungarian bakery in Manhattan called Rigo. Alas the owner retired and the bakery closed not to be replaced.

      1. Try Chutzpah Deli, in Fairfax or the new location in Tyson's Corner. It's the best you'll do around here.

        1. Perhaps there is one somewhere in the Baltimore area. Years ago there was a good jewish bakery downtown called Stone's on Lombard Street - long gone.

          1. Good Luck and reply back if you find one. They wouldn't know what a kaiser roll was if you smacked them upside the head with one. :) I have yet to find a real kaiser/hard roll in this region and I've been transplanted here for quite some time. :(