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Sep 25, 2006 10:21 PM

Anyone eaten recently at Da Hukilau

I LOVE Hawaiian food and dis hound can't find ono local grinds in Nebraska.

Will visit SF next weekend and saw Da Hukilau's menu and I'm jonesin' for some portagee bean soup and spam musubi.

Any hounds had a recent visit?


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  1. The Hawaiian food is ok here but I like the atmosphere & decent sized portions. You'll see alot of young asians chowing down here. Used to be more fun when they had the bartender that does flair bartending. So fun to watch him light the bottles up & fling them around. Be prepared to wait in line if you come during dinner time on the weekend

    1. It's well prepared, good solid fare. Not mind blowingly cheap and fresh as some in Hawaii, but very good. It won't set you back much so I'd just go. The places in San Jose and Palo Alto are nicer but the foods pretty much the same.

      1. I've been there quite a few times, and have never had a bad meal. Excellent spam musubi and tuna poke. It's fun on weekends when they have live Hawaiian music.

        1. It's probably too far for you but Da Kitchen down in MV has the best "local" and "hawaiian" food around. The kaluha pig and lau lau are the best in the area...much better than Hukilau. The teri chicken and kalbe are good is the chicken long rice.

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            Last time I checked, Da Kitchen's weekend hours were limited to lunch only on Saturday, and completely closed Sunday. Any chance they've extended their hours?

            1. re: Jefferson

              They're closed on Sundays but I do believe they are open for dinner on Saturday.

          2. There are 3 locations:
            * Palo Alto is closed on Sundays
            * San Jose is closed on Mondays
            * San Francisco is closed on Tuesdays

            My favorites are:
            * mixed ahi and tako poke
            * chicken katsu loco moco or fried rice with 2 easy over eggs (good hang over cure)
            * salmon (medium rare) and teriyaki short ribs combo