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Sep 25, 2006 10:18 PM

Autentica, S. Hadley MA?

Any opinions on Autentica in South Hadley, MA?

Having grown up in the Southwest, but now marooned in Boston, I would kill for some Santa Fe-style Mexican/New Mexican food that doesn't involve plane tickets.

I'm specifically looking for authentic NEW Mexican as opposed to standard Mexican (whose quality in New England, IMO, gets something of a bad rap). We're talking huevos rancheros, puffy flour tortillas, and above all, Hatch chiles.

Autentica is reputed to have the goods -- has anyone been? Is this my holy grail? Or should I save on gasoline and wait until my next visit to NYC for Los Dos Molinos? Or maybe there are other places in New England that might fit the bill?

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