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Sep 25, 2006 10:14 PM

Former Bostonian needs your help for a fun place to bring people from the midwest!

Hello fellow chowhounds.

We are visiting your fair city this coming weekend. We will have a group of 10-12 (and growing!) who will need a great deal of celebratory cocktails after an event (food included, probably a rubber chicken) from about 10 pm -2 am. We are all staying at the hotel nine zero at 90 tremont street. Since we have so many people I'd really like to get a VIP table or something if that is a possibility. We will be dressed up for the event. VIP table is not a deal breaker since I know that isn't really a big trend in Boston. But maybe I'm wrong.

Basically, I would like to avoid anything we can get here in the upper midwest (minneapolis & st paul) so no brew pubs, sports bars etc.

And since the dinner is probably going to be average we might need a place that has quality bar snacks etc.

we are not opposed to renting a back room at a place or something like that. Just don't know what is good anymore!

I await your responses!



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  1. Your hotel has a very nice bar/restaurant, Spire. I haven't been there since Gabriel Frasca went to one of the cape islands, but the cocktails there are fabulous. I've always enjoyed the bar food there too. Spire also has a private room that I've peeked into.

    Silvertone, on Bromfield Street (around the corner from 9 zero, also has a private room and excellent bar food. I don't know how late they serve the food or if they close that private room down on the weekends.

    I'm blanking on restaurants/bars on the other side of Tremont.

    1. For FUN, 1 place comes to mind right away: Sonsie, on Newbury St at Hereford, is a large open 'happening' place; big w/ young and euros.Major Loud.Consistently excellent dinner food and bar food with lots of influences: mediterranean, asian, italian etc.They have a private room downstairs (past the curtain of water on the stairway).7-10 min taxi from your hotel.very handsome place. the smoked onion rings are the killer bar item for us.

      1. Lots of new places in town. The only questions is the hour. Many resstaurants open until 11 on Friday and Saturday, but several stop serving at 10 on other nights.

        Try Sibling Rivalry on Tremont Street in the South End. Probably can arrange a private area, drinks are very good, food can be extra special and is never bad, prices are high average and the place looks good. Service is iffy, but not bad enough to keep you away.

        Another posibility is 28 Degrees on Appleton Street, right next to Icarus (might have been in business when you lived here and another possibility if they stay open after 10). 28 Degrees is a happening place, dance floor with DJ, eclectic crowd, food goes from standard to very good, prices not out of line, drinks are fine. Service is a bit scatatonic on a busy night. Private space is available.

        Late at night Stella's on Washington Street in one of THE places and could easily accomodate you. They serve food until 1 or 1:30 every night. Drinks are great, place has a lively appeal, food goes from very good to exceptional, reasonable prices, bar is a happening spot and the ambiance is tasteful.

        In Kenmore Square there is a restaurant called Petit Robert (owned by Jackie Robert of the Robert family who operated Maison Robert for so many decades). It is good but the owners have bettered themselves at a new location on Columbus Avenue. Food is exceptional, place is a cafe, nothing pretenscious, prices are good, wine list interesting and service commendable. Might be able to accomodate a larger party.

        The list goes on and on, but these are a few where you can go, be assured of a good time and good food, while not breaking the bank. If price does not matter, let us know. There are others to recommend.

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          In Kenmore Square, I'd do Eastern Standard over Petit Robert--big, bustling brasserie.

        2. Just left an answer to your inquiry for a place to make folks from the hearland happy. Neglected to mention Douzo, an outstanding restaurant for Sushi on Dartmouth Street (I think, but easy to find in any case). It is sensational in every respect. Exceptional food and bar, top-notch service and a beautiful venue. Prices are higher than you might expect, but not over the top. Stay away from a new entry into the sushi field, Oishii on a dismal stretch of Washington Street, near the South End. Outrageous prices and for nothing better than you are able to find in many other properties. Almost weird.

          1. Well if the Kenmore area isn't too far for your group, you can get a VIP table at the Foundation Lounge (might need 2). They have decent drinks and apps, however, after 10 it gets a little loud and clubby. I had fun last time I was there. I think it's a $300 minimum to hold a table after 10, but not hard to manage with 12+ people. Eastern Standard also has good apps and is less clubby, but still a bit loud.

            I know there are a lot of dance clubs where you can reserve VIP tables...Gypsy Bar is probably the closest to you. I'm not much of a club person, but my friends are and since we know an event's planner who throws lots of parties in the city, they are always going to new clubs and sitting at reserved tables. Usually good for drinks.

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              Gypsy Bar is quite clubby and the VIP rooms are really just banquettes that line the back room dance floor. They fit maybe 5 people behind a curtain and come with a complimentary bottle of champagne. I don't believe they had food service.

              Foundation Lounge, 28 Degrees, or Spire might be fun for your group. Spire's food is excellent for bar snacks. I'm not sure what Saint's like these days (haven't been in years), but that might be another possibility. Or is it past its prime? Lower key is the Good Life vodka bar. I also agree with the suggestion of Stella, Eastern Standard and Match.

              In Cambridge, Noir or Regatta Bar comes to mind, although their food is pretty miserable.