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Sep 25, 2006 10:13 PM

H.S. student needs help with French cooking

My daughter is a HS student who needs to bring in a french regional dish next week. She wanted to make something from the Nord or Pas de Calais area. Can anyone suggest something that's feasible to cook at home (possibly that could be served at room temperature or cold). Any other region would also be appreciated other than Normandy, Brittany, Burgundy or Corsica. Also, they're not allowed to use any alcohol.

Note: if this was easy I would have figured it out on my own.

Thanks for any help with this.


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    1. re: stevuchan

      These are beautiful, and are probably delicious. That said, however, I doubt that the crepe would hold for very long without becoming soggy.

    2. What about socca? A regional dish from Nice that's really a pancake made with chickpea flour? I have a recipe around somewhere. Or what about a Nicoise salad? Or an Alsatian onion tart? Or a Provencal Pissaladiere (like a focaccia with anchovies and onions and olives).

      Here's a recipe for Alsatian Onion Tarte:

      And a few for Pissaladiere:

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      1. re: Amuse Bouches

        The onion tarte and pissaladiere would certainly work. When you get them in France they are almost always room-temp, and have been sitting around for awhile.

        1. re: Amuse Bouches

          Socca's pretty gross if it's not hot from the pan.

        2. I can't help you with a regional recipe but have you visited the blog, Chocolate & Zucchini? It's a wonderful read and there are plenty of French recipes, various skill levels.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              As long as you don't call it Flemish Tart...perhaps Tarte de Lille? It's close to Belgium.

              1. re: oakjoan

                The Nord is the Flemish part of France.

                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  True, but hardly anybody speaks the language anymore and the French govt. seems to be against doing anything much about it. I don't think it even recognizes Flemish as a national regional language. Les Fla, les Fla, les Flamands! I know, off topic, not cooking.

                  What are the regional specialties of that Nord region?

            2. When I had to do this in high school, we did a salad nicoise. It worked great, and is best served cold. It's not from the regions she's looking for though, it's from Nice (hence Nicoise), which is in the South.

              When I had to cook something French in junior high I made Clafouti, which is basically a cherry flan. It was not easy (especially for a novice cook), but it is best served cold.