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Freezing Zankou garlic sauce???

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Can it be done?

Recently moved away from LA and having a major craving. I was seriously considering getting a couple of containers worth next time I visit, freezing them solid, and putting them in my suitcase for the trip home....

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  1. hehe due to an error by the zankou staff and the stubbornness of a female companion who likes to complain until she gets her way, i now have several cups of zankou garlic sauce in the refrigerator. they keep extraordinarily well and i use them on everything. i'll try freezing one and get back to you in a few days...

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      Thanks! I am much indebted. I used to put it on everything too. Goes remarkably well with cut up veggies and pizza crust.

    2. It's just potatoes and garlic, so it should freeze fine.

      I think there was discussion on the home cooking board about how to make it. You could give it a shot before your next trip out.

      1. Potatoes? When I asked them a few years back I was told it was just garlic pureed with lemon juice.

        1. zankou told me there were no potatoes in it as well...

          i tried the recipe posted on the board a while ago and found it didn't taste anything like zankou's... maybe i did something wrong?! :(

          i'm curious to know about freezing it as well. i'm going back to ny and will want to bring a gallon tub with me!

          1. i think that sauce has a half life of about a millenia with or with out refrigeration. i had always thought ingredient number one in that stuff was shortening. could be wrong about that but it sure isn't butter.

            1. def not shortening or butter. its oil.

              1. Good lebanese places will never put potato in the garlic sauce; the taste is awful when they do that, but lots of places do it b/c it looks like the real thing and is easier and cheaper to mass produce. And yes it does keep very, very well. You can make it at home, but it's tricky, but it is really just oil, garlic and lemon juice. It doesn't always work, but when it does, you get the light, fluffy looking stuff that you'll find in the best restaurants.