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Sep 25, 2006 09:54 PM

Freezing Zankou garlic sauce???

Can it be done?

Recently moved away from LA and having a major craving. I was seriously considering getting a couple of containers worth next time I visit, freezing them solid, and putting them in my suitcase for the trip home....

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  1. hehe due to an error by the zankou staff and the stubbornness of a female companion who likes to complain until she gets her way, i now have several cups of zankou garlic sauce in the refrigerator. they keep extraordinarily well and i use them on everything. i'll try freezing one and get back to you in a few days...

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      Thanks! I am much indebted. I used to put it on everything too. Goes remarkably well with cut up veggies and pizza crust.

    2. It's just potatoes and garlic, so it should freeze fine.

      I think there was discussion on the home cooking board about how to make it. You could give it a shot before your next trip out.

      1. Potatoes? When I asked them a few years back I was told it was just garlic pureed with lemon juice.

        1. zankou told me there were no potatoes in it as well...

          i tried the recipe posted on the board a while ago and found it didn't taste anything like zankou's... maybe i did something wrong?! :(

          i'm curious to know about freezing it as well. i'm going back to ny and will want to bring a gallon tub with me!

          1. i think that sauce has a half life of about a millenia with or with out refrigeration. i had always thought ingredient number one in that stuff was shortening. could be wrong about that but it sure isn't butter.