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New Yorker needs GREAT restaurant in ABQ

I'll be in ABQ for a couple days for work and Need a GREAT high end restraunt to bring clients to. Clients are from LA and NYC as well. I'm open to some great NM places but American, Italian, or Steakhouse are fine as well. I would love to have a few options and a place that will impress. (I may possibly have a few celebs with me as well so a place that has a lot of tourists or is too busy is not good for us) Please help!

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  1. can't help there, but don't forget to go to the frontier for the best breakfast burrito you'll ever have!

    1. Just north of Albuquerque in Bernalillo (mayb 20 minutes) is the best restaurant south of Santa Fe, Prairie Star. Great wine list, delicious food, excellent service and desserts and a fantastic view of a golf course and the mountains beyond. Can't be beat! And don't be seduced by the Corn Maiden at Tamaya Resort. Overpriced and under-tasty.

      1. Check out Gil's Thrilling website for some excellent recommendations


        1. I've had a very nice meal with a fantastic view at Bien Shur in the Sandia Casino - it's on the top floor of their hotel building.

          Other stuff in town:
          Gruet Steakhouse - http://www.gruetwinery.com/steakhouse...

          Chef du Jour - http://999dine.com/NM/ChefDuJour/
          tiny dining room, totally open kitchen, great food and never very busy. Usually voted "best undiscovered" year after year....

          And if you really want to "hide out" with the masses while still getting fabulous local food, try Perea's on Central: http://albuquerque.citysearch.com/rev...

          Good luck....

          1. Stopped by Bien Shur this past weekend, haven't eaten there yet just moved here, but we met a Dentist couple and had drinks with them in the bar area. They love the restaurant, if you can get through the casino, upstairs you're home free, very quiet up there. But the casino is very small so that shouldn't be a hugh hassle. It's definately not Las Vegas. Just a warning, we took our drink with us downstairs to the casino and found out that's not allowed. So if you are used to Las Vegas and taking your drink with you anywhere, state law in NM prohibits that, security guard took my husband's drink right out of his hand. And, was quite rude about it. We took it to the top and got a free buffet for two. It wasn't the drink but it was the way she handled it and we thought we should be compensated for that. It did kind of ruin our first experience there, plus we lost! May not go back for a long time! ha ha

            1. One place for Asian Fusion cuisine is Chows. Not a fancy atmosphere but excellent food! It is great Asian based fine cuisine. Voted one of the best 100 Asian Rest. in America! And, there's reason for it. Try the Wasabi Shrimp! My favorite, excellent. We frequent there.

              The Range is a local favorite, but that's for lunch or casual dining while visiting.

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                I really have enjoyed my visits to the Range as well

              2. The view from atop Sandia Mountains is really awesome, so High Finance should be considered. Adding that you can only get there from the Tram-ride up, makes it a memorable experience. I was delightfully suprised recently having heard long ago to not expect "excellent" from the kitchen, as what we got was exactly that, excellent. I don't want to steer wrong, so if another local can second my approval/reccomendation, I wouldn't want our guest to not have a great experience.


                1. I've had two meals at High Finance and both were mediocre and horribly overpriced. To get a similar experience, ride the tram up AND down just before sunset and then have dinner at the bottom at Sandiago's. You are still well above town with a great view, but the food is far better. Excellent New Mexican and grill food.


                  1. Check out Ambrozia. Best in ABQ IMO. High end restaurant with innovative food by chef Sam Etheridge. Small rooms in an old adobe building in Old Town. Should be easy to "hide out" with the celebs. Nice patio too.

                    You won't impress anyone at the Frontier, Chow's or Perea's and we haven't had good luck with the food at Prairie Star, although it is a very beautiful setting.