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Sep 25, 2006 09:48 PM

Recs for Good Eats in Overland Park Area

I'll be in Overland Park, KS on business and looking for places with good food AND vegetarian options. One of our group just isn't into the whole meat thang. Other than that, we are very open to pretty much anything. We have a car but won't have a lot of time for travel. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Overland Park is a big area- and you'll also be able to get to other parts of the city very quickly/easily here in KC- so I hope you'll try some of what KC has to offer outside of OP. Here is just a few favorites-
    Casa Paloma- Overland Park 83rd and Metcalf- authentic mexican, the food and owner make this place special
    Tonic- Overland Park small plate dinner specialty- hip atmosphere too
    Carmen's in Brookside- wonderful italian- I love this place
    PotPie- KC, MO (only 15 mins by car) my last meal here was perfect- eat the breadpudding and the spinach brie tart.
    All of those will be very accomadating for vegetarians and meat lovers alike. I hope you enjoy your trip to Kansas City- we have a lot to offer food lovers. feel free to contact me direct with any questions

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      The owners changed. I hear it isn't as good anymore, but I can't say so myself. I haven't been there in a while

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        Hey jchgh2, which place are you refering to that has changed owners? In my trips up to KC I have eaten at all the listed places and liked them all.

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          Casa Paloma changed owners about two years ago. (The original owners moved to Mexico.) Though the previous owner/chef taught the new owner/chef all of the recipes, the place is not as good as it used to be.

    2. You said not into the whole meat thing, but I wasn't sure whether that meant no fish or if they really are vegetarian. Anyway, vegetarian options are probably going to be somewhat limited, but almost every place should have at least one option. All of the places that Gordon mentions are very good and fun places. Here are the websites for the places he's mentioned, just in case you are like me, and very visual!
      Casa Paloma: (Agree the owner makes this place what it is. Also a good place to get Mexican ingredients.
      Carmen's: (This is the only place I haven't been.

      I would also recommend Yia Yia's, 40 Sardines, and Cassis in the immediate Overland Park area... Yia Yia's being the more casual of the three. I've never had a bad meal at Yia Yia's; my favorite thing lately is the Gnocchi with Roasted Chicken in a gorgonzola cream sauce! 40 Sardines is always in the top tier for restaurants in KC. Cassis is the new kid in town and very good; the menu changes often, I love the interior here.
      Yia Yia's:
      40 Sardines:

      For more casual, Spin Pizza is awesome and would have tons of vegetarian options.

      And of course, the best margarita and carnitas in town... La Cocina del Puerco! Very fun place, might have music on a weekend. Also want to add the carne asada to the 'best' list as we just had that the other day and it was awesome!

      1. Other options for the vegetarian (if he/she eats dairy) are Indian restaurants. Korma Sutra at 119th and Metcalf is pretty darn good, and their service is utterly charming.

        The snack menu at India Cafe is yummy, but their entrees aren't so hot. (This menu is usually on a fast erase board behind the counter, but I haven't been in a while.) The thing is, with Indian snacks, unless you have a mondo appetite, you really can make a meal of them. My fave is the potato samosa covered in chickpea dal, can't remember the Indian name, but it's really good. Service can be quirky, and it's decidedly casual, but if it's the food you care about, this is worth a look. (It's in the back corner of the shopping center at 91st and Metcalf's northwest corner, beyond TJ Maxx, Walmart is the anchor out on Metcalf. You cannot see it from Metcalf.)

        I second the rec of Spin pizza, esp. if the patio is still open when you come. (They have outdoor heaters.) When they are on, and they frequently are, their pies come closest to the dinner pizza I had in Rome as a student. That's saying something!

        1. For a tasty breakfast option beyond the eggs and bacon, I would recommend Artisians Francais, an french bakery on 119th across from the Sprint world. They have a selection of quiches, a very good petit pain au chocolate and make a very good cafe au lait.

          1. Hey everyone, Thanks so much for the great recommendations. As I was busy getting ready for my trip - it got cancelled. So I have made notes of all the wonderful recommendations and will try some of them out when I make it to KC. Thanks again.