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Samosa House in Culver City - any good?

I drive by this place quite frequently. Any feedback and/or recommendations?

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  1. It's really very good.

    We're talking about the place on Washington, right, the place that used to be Bharat Bazaar?

    I've never eaten inside, but my wife brings home takeout from SH all the time and every single thing I've eaten was delicious.

    It's all vegetarian, as far as I know.

    1. I agree with PaulF. The food is very good and they have a wide variety of dishes. They tend to rotate in new dishes almost daily. I think one of the reasons it's so good is because of the spices they use, apprently they roast their own spices which are also available for purchase at the store.

      The store is not new, they have been at the same location since the late 70's. They just started serving food about 6 months ago. Most of the food is pre-prepared and in steamer trays waiting to be dished up. If you know what to ask for you can also order items from the kitchen.

      1. I also kept driving by, then finally stopped in last week. It's good, much better than India Sweets and Spices IMO (Culver city location). I got a take out plate, which does not include the yogurt which is included if you eat there. When I was there they had only one type of samosa--vegetable. I didn't get that as the plate was already plenty of food. There were also sweets and other savory items. Next time I'll have to ask about those other items, everything looked good.

        1. Location details:
          11510 W Washington Blvd
          Los Angeles, CA 90066
          Phone: (310) 398-6766


          1. Love it! They fry the Samosas fresh to order. Their Mango Lassis are also great as well as their selection of Ginger Beer... YUM!!! :)


            1. I had a catered meal from there today at a party, and the food was really good. I had to pull the host aside to get the info. The spiced lentils were especially good. As soon as I get the chance I'll eat or pick up food there. According to my hosts (vegetarian Indians) he does a huge catering business in LA

              1. Had takeout from there for the first time tonight. It was truly teriffic. And all vegetarian which is totally bonus for us - it's nice to have a choice of EVERYTHING! I did not go to the store (I waited at home for the takeout) but the results were delish. We used to go to Pradeeps, but that's lost it's verve for us recenly after a few mediocre meals and now we'll be Samosa House Converts. For like 1/3 the price!

                Definitely fresh gound spices and home-cooked. Each dish was really flavored differently. (I know that sounds obvious, but eat at Hurry Curry and tell me if you can tell the difference with your eyes shut.)

                Let's see... we had some eggplant & onion dish (oh god it was good), spinach (saag) without the cheese (paneer), potatoes, some TVP chunks in a creamy sauce, dahl, and the best was this jackfruit dish - really tasty. Served with rice and some chapatis that i think were actually whole wheat tortillas (gotta love LA). Dessert was mind-blowingly good - cheese dumplings in cream sauce. Very tender, very ... eyes rolling back in the head.

                If you do takeaway best to re-heat to get true flavors.

                Would you believe the partner forgot to bring home Samosas? Next time!

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                  I also enjoyed the food here, although I have eaten here only once. For dessert I had a crumbly square of flour (this is how they described it) that was really far more delicious than it sounds. I would go back for just that!

                  We have scouted many markets, and size aside, this market has one of the best spice offerings I have ever seen. I also like that they sell them in small sizes. Their other market items are wonderful as well. We bought some papadum that was the best we have had because it can be prepared with no oil; just heat it for a few secs in the bake oven. Ask the owner, however, which papadum she recommends because she carries more than one brand and she will steer you right!

                  The shelves are pristine, as is the entire market. I always look forward to our visits there.

                2. got some really terrific food from there today.

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                    Just came back from there - grocery run though, not for a meal. I did check out the sweets case and there were a few kinds of burfi, but no milk cake, which was what I was craving. I asked the guy behind the counter and he said that they do make it - they just ran out already.

                    One other grocery find as Samosa House - a DIY bhel puri kit. It comes in a bowl, with each sauce packed separately. It even comes with a plastic spoon and a napkin packed inside the kit. $1.99 - and while it isn't the same as Chowpatty Beach, it is pretty great for an instant snack.

                  2. Do they offer masala dosa at this place? My wife adores those...