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Sep 25, 2006 09:19 PM

Recommendations: Lunch Places - 5th & Mission/Market in SF

Looks like I'll be spending a good amount of time at a new work space at 5th and Mission so I thought I'd ask for lunch recommendation in the area, within a 1-2 block radius. EDIT: I'm looking at around $6 buck (+/-) range.

I definately perfer mom and pop places, sandwiches/salads as a first choice, burritos and rice plates as a second...although a chain once in a while is okay. Metreon is a bit too far.

So far I've figured out a few:

Taqueria Cancun at 6th/Market (maybe once a week)
Top Dog at 7th/Market (twice a month)
Mel's Diner 4th/Mission (maybe twice a month)
Cafe Infusion (haven't eaten there yet)

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Metreon is too far? Isn't it a block from 5th/Mission -- across the corner from Mel's Diner?

    4th St. Bar and Grill (next to Marriott) is good for normal sports bar food.

    Should have more food options later this week in the Bloomingdale's/Wesfield Shopping Center.

    Tu Lan -- 6th between Market and Mission.

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    1. re: kc72

      Let me rephrase that - given what's offered at Metreon, it's a little too far. If something outstanding was offered, then of course it would be worth it. :) Just can't think of anything in there that's I'd go there for.

      Definately going to check out Bloomie's but I'm guessing it's over the $6 buck range (just changed to the original post)...and I'm not so much into malls.

      Tu Lan -- now that's a good tip, thanks. I haven't been there for a while if I'm thinking of the same place -- huge servings, been there for 16 or so years.

    2. Cafe 36 on 5th between Mission and Market on the Mint side.
      They make an excellent greek salad with Pita. Total mom and pop shop. very nice people, a little gruff when it get's busy, but still a solid deal.
      He will call you pumpkin.

      I prefer Taqueria Chili Verde over Balazo and Cancun. They just seem to taste better and be more authentic.

      Little Delhi (on the corner of Eddy and Mason) is delicious Indian.

      they just opened a King of Thai Noodle on 5th across the street from the mint, but it is just as ho hum as all the others...

      The new mall is opening this week, there will be lots of food in there!!!!

      Also, Opi's at 6th and Market has a takeout stand that does dogs and burgers and popcorn and softserve!!!!!
      that is my usual afternoon treat. a softserve twist.

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      1. re: jupiter

        Jupiter, thanks on the tip for Cafe 36. I tried it and it's pretty much what I was looking for...reasonable prices, good food, not a chain. I had the BLT and falafel. Both good with the falafel being a deal given the portion. The owner was nice but I think he'll be calling me dude.

        1. Latte Express - across from the SF Centre on 5th between Market & Mission has terrific Banh Mi for less than $4.00.

          Also, Tu Lan is at 6th & Market.

          If'n you want to upscale, forget about Metreon. The new places at Westfield will be open next week; Bristol Farms, 'wichcraft & Slanted Door takeout could all be great splurges.

          1. Also, Beard Papa is a must if you ever need a sugar high (right across the street from the Metreon). There is always a line but it moves pretty fast.