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Sep 25, 2006 09:06 PM

Wanting to love RF O'Sullivans. Have to settle for like.

So I got totally sucked into the best burger debate last week. I had only been to RF O'Sullivan's once and was not impressed at all but I figured I should give it another chance after reading more reviews. Second impression: Eh. It was fine, not great, not awful, just fine.

I got the boursin burger with bacon medium rare. This is a combo I generally love. Burger was overcooked, it was medium so it wasn't a total loss. There was just the right amount of cheese. Often soft cheese becomes a total mess to eat, this was "just right." I had 1/2 fries and 1/2 O rings. Not impressed with either. I should have paid more attention to the grill/kitchen area. I think the O-rings were frozen but I can't be certain. They were pretty awful, reminded me of BK. The fries are gigantic steak fries. They were much better than the rings but not my fave and I really think they don't qualify as "hand cut fries" as described on the menu. For folks who like steak fries you would be psyched to the see the gigantic pile that came with the burger.

My hound in crime got the burger stuffed with blue cheese medium with fries and o-rings. His burger was also overcooked - it was well done. It was so well done that all the cheese evaporated from the little pocket in the middle of the burger and into the meat. He like the "infused" blue cheese quality but wasn't thrilled with it overall. He loved the steak fries and didn't care for the o-rings.

I tell you, I want to love the place; It's close to where I live and I love a good burger. Sadly it was just fine,. I think it's priced fairly and comfortable but will not be the place I'm going to head to when I've got a serious burger craving.

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  1. I haven't ever seen Sully's advertise a bleu stuffed burger. I used to get the black and bleu, but now (ie last two years, post Tim's - RIP) they use what tastes like bottled blue cheese on top rather than fresh bleu so I quit ordering that.

    I tend to have a problem with them under-cooking my burgers as opposed to over-cooking. If I order my usual medium rare, it's perfectly medium rare on the outside but ubermushy inside (ie way rare). So I usually order medium there and it comes out MR in the middle, medium on the outside.

    1. My one trip to O'Sullivans I also had an overcooked burger.

      The thing is just too big to time the cooking right with any regularity.

        1. re: psc109

          The Emperor has no clothes!!!

          Frozen? Maybe that was why I thought they tasted funny last week. These rings are nowhere near as good as Bartley's.

        2. i'm heading there tonight, so stay tuned for another contribution to this discussion...

          1. I was a fan for a long time but in the past 1-2 years I've had a few visits where the meat just wasn't seasoned at all. I don't want to have to salt every bite of my burger. I still think O'Sullivans is one of the funnest places to be during a big ol' snowstorm, though!