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Sep 25, 2006 09:06 PM

Vancouver recommendations


I will be staying at the Westin Vancouver for a conference and need some advise on good restaurants within walking distance of the hotel. I will have some nights on own and may have a client dinner as well.

I like fusion, Asian, French and bistro cuisine...any hidden gems out there for a Boston chowhound?


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  1. which westin , the bayshore or the grand?

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    1. re: vandan

      It has taken me forever to log on...I am heading to the Bayshore tomorrow and will be in for the week. If you have any good recommendations, I appreciate your help!

      thanks, Karen

    2. Try Hapa Izakaya on Robson - it's halfway between the two Westins and serves Japanese tapas. Quite lively and there is a long bar if you're dining by yourself. Order the mackarel - they cook it at the table.

      Also - try Nu it's French influenced fusion. It's a bit hidden (under the granville St. bridge on the water), but is downtown and a quick cab ride.

      Another new place is Sanafir on Granville Middle Eastern tapas (you order by the meat/fish/vegatable and get each served three different ways) - probably better dining with others.

      1. Great ideas! I will try them this week and get back to you.

        Thank you for your help! Karen

        1. A few not to b MISSED places ar:

          GUU or Zakkushi - I would do ithr of these two places any day over Hapa.

          Guu also opened another location on Denman near Davie street. The name slips my mind but I will report back on the name.

          1. guu has 3 locations:original on thurlow, gastown and robson (and cardero) they do not have one on denman( ilive a block from there)