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Sep 25, 2006 09:02 PM

grocery store beer in Montreal

I'm coming to Montreal for a few days and want to find a large supermarket with great prices and selection on McAuslan, Unibroue etc., products. I already have a couple recommendations for depanneurs but I want to save money if possible, and grab some groceries too. Loblaws? IGA? Other chains? Specific stores please; I'm staying near Crescent and Ste. Catherine and have access to a car.

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  1. grocery stores tend to be more expensive than deps, especially for microbrews

    1. The selection of microbrewery beers at most grocery stores sucks. Plus few of the stores chill the microbrews, having signed agreements with the major breweries that give the big guys exclusive rights to the coolers. This is not just an inconvenience (meaning you can't just pop a top and start chugging): many microbrews are unpasteurized and if they aren't kept chilled, they quickly lose freshness.

      An exception: a small neighbourhood chain grocery with a good selection of chilled beer is the Marché du Village on the corner of Lacombe and Gatineau in Côte-des-Neiges. Another plus is that they often have McAuslan products on sale. And if there were a big chain store with a decent beer selection, it'd probably be the one near Le Fromentier bakery on the north side of Laurier between Christophe-Colombe and Papineau (Métro-Richelieu Chevrefeuille?); don't quote me on that, though, as I don't frequent the place and have never checked out the beer section.

      For the most recherché range of Quebec microbrews, head to Marché des Saveurs at Jean Talon Market or Fromagerie du Marché Atwater at Atwater Market. Both are near chain grocery stores, so you could kill two birds with one stone.

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        In Vancouver, I bought some micro or regional specialty beers and had to pay a "chillage" fee of, I think, 10 cents per bottle for cold beer.

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          What's the best price (before tax & deposit) that you've seen for McAuslan 12-pks recently? I've grown to prefer them over most of the other micros, but not to the point of paying ~$4 more per 12!

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            Not having a car, I rarely buy local beers outside my 'hood (CDN) and always buy six packs. My last sixer of St-Ambroise Extra Pale Ale set me back $7.49 bt&d at Marché du Village. Will try to remember to check the prices on the 12ers. What's the cheapest you've seen?

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              I really don't remember, but if I were to guess, I'd say $14.99. I happenned to be in that Metro store in Verdun yesterday and they had McAuslan 12s on sale for $15.99, while this week Loblaws has Sleeman, Boreal and one other local microbrand whose name escapes me for $12.99. I prefer McAuslan, but not by that much! Quite a few free glass offers (with purchase of 12 pk) in Verdun, BTW, including McAuslan IIRC.

        2. If you're looking for the best beer selection in Montreal, you'll find it at Metro Joannette. It is located at 349 rue de l'Eglise. You can see a picture of his shelves at

          1. As mentionned before, most supermarkets are sub-par although IGA's and Metro's tend to be better since the grocers have more autonomy. (Thumbs up to Marché Vallée in Lachine for their selection and prices.)

            Depanneurs I suggest are a little pakistanii run place on Laurier between St-Laurent and Park Avenue where selection and especially prices were outstanding.

            Even better selection can be found on the south shore in Longueuil on St-Laurent Street near Chemin Chambly.

            However, for the ABSOLUTE best selection in ALL of Canada, you have to travel to Quebec City's suburbs in Cap Rouge:


            That place is beyond amazing, it's so full of beer, it's tough walking through the place, they have 400+ kinds of beer in stock, including some they have brewed for them exclusively as well as some aged Unibroues (you have to ask for them).

            As an added bonus it's by the St-Laurent and near the old Cap-Rouge so it's a nice car ride going to and from. (It's also quick if you are just zipping through on the 40).


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              >Depanneurs I suggest are a little pakistanii run place on Laurier between St-Laurent and Park Avenue where selection and especially prices were outstanding.

              The one your thinking of is Supermarché Rahman" which acquired a "new name" (and sign) a few years ago" It's now Le Paradis de la Bière. I believe he carries over 200 brands of beer including most qc microbrews, and even one or two "house" beers: his own recipes he had produced himself at various collaborative microbreweries in/around town. And just a small correction, they're bengali, not pakistani ;-)

              1. re: grillit

                Thank you very much for your update! I have not been there in a couple of years since I moved out of the area.

                I look forward to returning to try their house beers. I'll make I drop by next time I go see the alouettes.

                As a side note, since Subway, Tim Hortons, Mikes and others are sponsoring the Al's, why are we stuck with Aramark for food?

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                  For the record, his only "house brew" that I've tried is called Paradisiac (I guesss in reference to "Paradis" de la Bière). That was a while back, but if memory serves, I think it's supposed to be a Belgian style, triple fermented brew - but I would hesitate to rate it as a true success... Worth trying, but don't make a visit *just* for the house brews - go for the selection and relatively low prices.