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Sep 25, 2006 08:55 PM

turkish pepper relish/spread

A manhattan turkish restaurant (La Sandwicherie, 23rd St) I used to go to made a chopped pepper relish/spread which I could get to accompany my schwarama. It was not one of the pulverized, creamy pepper pastes nor made with dried peppers, it defintely had both red pepper and green components and it had a clear, fresh full pepper taste. Shart but not really spicy.

Does anybody have an idea what this was and how to make it?
Alternatively, has anyone found any good turkish websites or food blogs?

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  1. Sounds like muhammara to me. This is one recipe:

    I use one from Paula Wolfert's Eastern Mediteranean cookbook.

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      sorry, its definitely not muhammara - no walnuts, no pomegranite molasses. I like that too, but I wouldnt want it on roasted lamb.

    2. Sounds like Ezme to me. I don't have a recipe to recommend, though many are available via google. I had this in many restaurants in Istanbul and the west coast of Turkey, and it was always different: some chunky, others fairly smooth, some spicy, some mild, some fresh, some seemingly-preserved. Although most of the recipes that came up for me called it a salad, it was always much more like a relish or chutney than a salad.


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        I searched for Ezme and found several recipes. Check em out.

      2. I've eaten many roasted pepper salads as a meze in Istanbul. They might have turned this into a relish:
        chopped red and green roasted peppers
        minced garlic
        red wine vinegar or lemon juice
        salt and pepper
        chopped parsley and thyme