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Sep 25, 2006 08:45 PM

P Town Dinner

Looking for a moderately priced great eats place for a family of 4 (teens and Mom and Dad) who love GOOD food. They are coming to P Tow n while on holiday in the US.

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  1. Ross' Grill at the end of Whaler Wharf. Always a good meal and something for everyone on the menu.

    Be sure to check out the wine on the blackboard. Someone there has great taste in wines and they feature some very special bottles by the glass for a short run.

    If you are there on the weekend, go to Devon for Breakfast-- (East End on Commercial) The best breakfast in town. Try their cornmeal blueberry pancakes. But, I warn you it will spoil you for other pan cakes. Oh and "Rosemary home fries", salty, herbal and great.

    Devon also does a delightful dinner. Check the current menu and see if it would fit your needs. Devon is a bit more elegant in the evening.

    We were there earlier this month and had some wonderful meals at both places.

    1. The most popular off-beat restaurant is Clem and Ursies on Shankpainter rd (near the Grand Union formerly A&P)in P-Town. Funky artsy place that is mad busy in the summer but should be getting quieter about now. Mojo's is your best bet for fast (but good food/not like BK or Micky D's) food, right downtown near the wharf. Also good veggie place called Tofu å gogo opposit the True value. Nowhere in Ptown is cheap but these are the best priced places. Michael O'Shays has a Sunday brunch that's moderately priced but the food is just ok, but a good deal if you're with kids. Lots of waffels, muffins,pancakes, homefries, omlette table,bread pudding, but boring salad bar. Good to load up and head out for the day. Good luck